What I Saw This Weekend – Sunshine… Finally!

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

The end of this past week, it rained for three days straight. Trying to go somewhere with toddlers is trying enough, but add rain into the equation and it’s sometimes not even worth it.

What I Saw This Weekend Rain

Talk about cabin fever, we had it!  When we woke up Sunday morning, there was sunshine and I’m not sure who was happier – me or the girls.

I knew we had to make the most out of the day and spend as much time as possible outside.  We played hopscotch, rode bikes and we took a long walk, just soaking up the sunshine.

What I Saw This Weekend Rain and Sun

I guess you could say it was a pretty lazy Sunday, but it was definitely a happy Sunday.  Maybe the “April showers brings May flowers”  was just off by a few days and we’ll be done with the torrential downpouring of rain for a little while.  At least until the heat of the summer comes around.

What I Saw This Weekend After Dinner Walk

What Did You See This Weekend?