My “Me Time” Involves Cookies…. #QuakerEpicAdventures

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Wednesday mornings are the busiest part of my week. I juggle getting Maggie off to school and then hurrying to get Molly across town to her weekly therapy appointments. Once we finish therapy, I have time for a few errands but not enough time to go back home.

I’m always a little early getting back to pick up Maggie, so I’m usually just waiting in the parking lot. And with all that running around, I’m always in need of a snack.

Quaker Chocolate Chip Cookies My Time

The new Quaker® Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect sized portion for my few minutes of quiet before my crazy day returns. My favorite ones are the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies – made with whole grain Quaker oats, they taste great!

And while I usually endulge in a few minutes of “me time” and cookies in the school parking lot, these cookies come four in a package – small enough for me to throw in my purse and enjoy anywhere.

Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies