Visiting Disney World Solo with Toddlers – Crazy, But Fun!

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

A few weeks ago, I had the crazy idea to go to Disney World overnight with my girls…. all by myself.  Who am I kidding, I daydream about that all the time, but this time was different.  I actually went through with the idea.  Crazy? Yes.  Fun? Yes.

Disney Trip Two Toddlers One Mom

We have seasonal passes to Walt Disney World – our passes are blacked out during the summer, two weeks at Christmas and two weeks at Spring Break.

With only a few days left before the summertime blackout, I cashed in some off-property hotel reward points (aka FREE!) and off we went to Disney World… with no husband, no help – nothing.  Just me and two toddlers in the backseat.  Some thought I was crazy and a part of me agreed, but I needed one more Disney *fix* before the summer.

Here are some things that helped me during our two day adventure –

Disney's Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle

Bring Your Own Food

You are allowed to bring coolers inside the parks (no glass), I had sandwiches, snacks, drinks – everything we needed in a cooler that fits in the bottom of my stroller.  It’s a great way to save money too!  I’ve tried to manuvuer quick service places within the parks with two toddlers in tow, it’s possible but not easy.

No Agenda

Maggie mentioned she wanted to see the Disney Junior Live show at Hollywood Studios, so I made sure we fit that in, but besides that I was totally open to doing anything and everything. It all depend on the moodiness of my toddlers.  If I saw something with a short wait, where I could corral them in line for a short amount of time – we did it. Otherwise, we skipped it.

Take A Time Out

For my own sanity, we headed back to our hotel room mid-afternoon for some quiet time.  I needed to unwind just as much as the girls.  We ended up having a tea party and relaxing for a bit.  It was nice to “de-sensitize” from the parks and relax.

After our tea party, we hopped over to an off-property restaurant for a quick meal and then made our way back to the Magic Kingdom for a little bit of fun before bedtime.  I even packed the girls pajamas with me and changed them as we left the parks, so all I had to do was put them in bed when we got back to the hotel!

Tea Time at Disney World Hotel

Would I Do It Again?

Blame the heat or the juggling of toddlers – but this trip was hard work.  We had a great time and we made some great mom/me memories.   However, I was happy to be home at the end of our trip.

Would I do it again?  Maybe.  I would be more mindful of the time of year – no way I would ever attempt that trip again in June.  Too hot and too crowded.  With that said, I’m already thinking about trying this trip again in September.  Less crowds and much better weather!  I’ll keep you posted if I decide to give it a try!

Have you gone on a road trip solo with your kids? 


  • Ashley (@FiddleDeeAsh)

    You are a brave lady! I could take one kid by myself, but not both. haha. I love that you did this with them!!

    • Carrie with Children

      It was definitely an adventure! I’ll keep you posted if I decide to try it again