What I Saw This Weekend – My Mini-Chef

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Over the past few months, Maggie has taken a great interest in helping Daddy cook dinner.  Whether he’s making breakfast or dinner – she wants to be in the middle of it to help. It’s been really fun to see her get so excited about helping and she beams with pride each time she’s done helping.

Yesterday, she helped Daddy make meatballs for our spaghetti dinner.  At first, she wasn’t too sure about getting her hands dirty, but she quickly caught on and was a total pro!

Cooking with Daddy

I loved listening to them laugh and talk about what they were making – a true father/daughter moment, right there in the kitchen. She was so proud of herself for helping in the kitchen. She told me it was her “job” to help Daddy.  I hope this is just the beginning of her wanting to help in the kitchen.

Cooking in the Kitchen Meatballs

Besides the quality time with her Daddy, I was especially excited to see that when it came time to actually eat dinner – she tried a meatball!   She usually loves spaghetti, but not the meat. Today all of that changed!

I couldn’t help but laugh a little when it was time to add the spaghetti sauce.  She wasn’t not excited about the smell of it.  What a silly little face!

Cooking with Daddy Silly Face

I hope Maggie continues to be excited about spending time in the kitchen.  I know her Daddy enjoyed having her help and I loved seeing her so excited. In a few more months, we are going to have to get another kitchen stool for Miss Molly.  I think she’s going to want to get in the middle of the cooking fun too!

Does your little one like to help in the kitchen?