Review: VTech Connect to Cell Home Phones #VTechConnect

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Telephones – they make the world go ’round.  The VTech Connect to Cell Phone System is a welcome addition to any family that juggles cell phones and house phones like we do.

VTech Connect to Cell Phone System

My husband and I are both fortunate to work from home – communication is a huge part of our day. My husband’s office is setup in our detatched garage/office/man cave – so we are constantly going back and forth and between the house phone and cell phone, there always seems to be a phone ringing.

The VTech Connect to Cell Home Phone System is two handsets, an answering machine and a cordless BlueTooth headset.   We never have to miss a call. Additional handsets can be purchased separately – definitely a great feature.

Closeup of VTech Connect to Cell Phone Handset

The really cool part of these phones is that while at home, you can have your cell phone ring directly at your VTech phone – such a lifesaver!  These phones would be especially helpful for those that have dead zones in their homes with no cell service. (Mom – that means you!)  Just connect it to the VTech set and you’re good to go!

Other great features of the VTech Connect to Cell handsets include –

  • Download Phonebook From Cell: Store 2000 records from up to two different cell phones; no need to input names and numbers into your cordless phone system.
  • Virtual Multi-Line Operation: Pair up to two cellular lines and one landline with your cordless system. Then, enjoy the freedom to make and receive calls on all three lines—all at once.

VTech Connect to Cell Phone Review

I’ve been a longtime fan of the VTech brand of phones and this model is no exception. These phones are lightweight, reliable and make my life easier around the house.  They are a great addition to our home.

Learn More About VTech Phone Products

Visit the VTech Phones site to learn more about this and many other great phones.  For the latest news, check out the VTech Phones Facebook page and follow along on Twitter at @VTechPhones.


** As part of a SheSpeaks campaign, I received this phone system for the purpose of this review.  Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own. **