Tradewinds Island Resort & A Love for Putt-Putt Golf

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Traveling with toddlers – it’s never a dull moment.  You never know what they are going to like (and dislike) and just getting them off their regular routine and into ‘vacation mode’ is enough to turn a kid upside down.  Our last trip was no different, but this time Maggie really surprised me.

Tradewinds Resort Beachfront Pool

As part of my role as the VISIT FLORIDA Family Insider, my family and I travel quite a bit throughout the state.  Our most recent journey took us to the Tradewinds Island Resort on St. Pete Beach for an upcoming article I’m writing about the resort.

This beachfront resort is a fantastic spot for families – with four pools, a kid’s activity center, paddleboats, tennis, a putt-putt golf course and a HUGE waterpark on the beach – you could vacation here and never even need to leave the property. We spent almost three full days at the resort – and we wore the girls out experiencing all of the great amenities at the resort.

Tradewinds Beachfront Sign

On our last night at the Tradewinds, I asked Maggie to tell me her favorite activity she did during the trip.  I literally laughed out loud when she told me…  Playing putt-putt golf in the atrium at the resort. Out of all the activities, (including the beach!),  she picked the putt-putt golf as her favorite activity.

You truly never know what’s going to be “it” for a little kid.  I thought for sure she’d love spending time on the beach building sandcastles, when in fact, she loved playing in the pool with Daddy. (Molly and I spent the afternoon in a beach cabana instead. A perfect napping spot.)

Putt Putt Golf Course at Tradewinds Resort St. Pete Beach

On the ride home, I thought a lot about Maggie’s sudden infatuation with putt-putt golf.  What was it that she loved?  Why not the beach?  But, then I realized it was her first time ever playing putt-putt.  She couldn’t get enough of it, although she only wanted to play with the pink golf ball. It’s all she talked about since we got home.

So, thank you to the Tradewinds Island Resort for introducing Maggie to the sport of putt-putt golf.  She’s in love!  And I’m especially appreciative for your fantastic location and your comfortable beach cabanas.  It was a relaxing visit and I know we’ll be back… for both the beach and the putt-putt golf.

 What’s your latest vacation adventure?  

** This trip was in conjunction as my role as the VISIT FLORIDA Family Insider. It was made possible in partnership with VISIT FLORIDA and the Tradewinds Island Resorts in St. Pete Beach. **