Favorite Friday Video: Missing Class Ring Returned After 33 Years

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

This past week has been a whirlwind of excitement for my family – especially my sister. You’ve gotta hear this amazing story…

While renovating their home, my brother-in-law found a class ring dated 1980 buried in the dirt in their backyard.  Using the name found on the ring and other clues, my sister found its owner! The whole story is pretty remarkable…

Our local newspaper, The Florida-Times Union featured her story in the paper last week and from there, it has just snowballed into much more!  The Associated Press has picked up the story and we’ve found it online in papers across the country and even in a newspaper overseas written in Dutch!

A Texas television station did a story on the ring’s owner and posted it on YouTube, you’ve gotta check it out –

Isn’t this story just incredible?