It’s Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows #specialneeds #downsyndrome

by Carrie with Children with 3 comments

Like most mornings around our house, things are hectic trying to get everyone out the door to school on time.  This past Thursday morning was the ultimate – we overslept, it was raining outside and I had a cranky kid. It just wasn’t a good morning.

When we finally made it to school, late of course, I helped Molly into her classroom and sat down beside her table to tell her goodbye. With Molly’s classmates sitting at the table, I couldn’t help but notice they were cutting with (preschool) scissors, they knew their colors and speaking clearly. My precious Molly was concentrating extra hard on scribbling and coloring outside of the lines.  Literally.

Molly Closeup Riding Dumbo at Disney World

Cloudy Skies

It was there I realized just how much of a delay Molly had compared to the ‘typical’ kids in her class.  I felt defeated, sad and had a little bit of jealousy that the other kids were doing all of these great things. I had a mini-crying session in the parking lot.

I’m not saying that I’m not proud of Molly – because WOW I am incredibly proud of her and what she can do. Every mom of a special needs child goes through these emotions, it’s tough sometimes to see that your child isn’t progressing like the others.  And as many times as people tell you not to compare, it’s not always easy.

Molly Drawing with Magna Doodle

Sunshine Returns

Feeling down, I returned that afternoon to pick Molly up from school anxiously awaiting to hear how the day went.  As always, Molly was happy to see me and instantly began ‘talking’ in her jibberish voice.  As I loaded the girls up in the car, I noticed Molly’s teacher making her way over talk with me.  After the way our morning went, I feared the worst.

I couldn’t believe it when she told me that she was thrilled with Molly’s progress and that she had a fantastic day at school. In fact, her teacher said that it was probably the best day Molly has had since school started.  She said her manners were fantastic, she stayed focused and really enjoyed story time.  She had a fantastic school day!

Molly’s teacher must have known that I was down – her words completely changed my mood and left me feeling excited and proud. Isn’t it funny how just a small conversation can turn a day around?  There again, I had a mini-crying session in the parking lot – this time happy tears!

Molly First Day of School 2013

I Prefer Rainbows

Life as a special needs mom can be a roller coaster of emotions.  The lows are low, but the highs are very high.  I think it’s people like Molly’s teacher that help me get back on course when I tend to concentrate on the negatives.

If there’s a special needs mom in your life, sometimes just a few words can turn their day around. In fact, it’s that way with any mom.  Positive thoughts and conversation can go a long way in someone’s life.  They certainly have in mine.

 How has a positive conversation turned your day around?


  • Tricia

    I’ve had pretty much the same thing happen. I picked Kamdyn up one day, and several of the kids started talking to me. It just made me wish my child could talk to me like that, tell me her favorite color, or how her day was. But she’ll get there. So will Molly : )

  • Anne Wall

    Carrie, you touch my heart…as always!!

  • mariam

    this what happen exactly with my somaya ,she is 7 year’s old down syndrome we live now in UNITE ARAB EMARITS,I PUT SOMAYA IN ordinary school,now she’s in grade one every one told me that I am on the correct way but I always cry .