Giveaway: Breathing Easier with Seasonal Allergies #ARMandHAMMER

by Carrie with Children with 99 comments

The temperatures are finally starting to cool here in Florida and that means one thing – my seasonal allergies have become to take over!  Scratchy eyes, a stuffy head and a runny nose – it’s something I’ve come to live with every year.

The bathroom has become my fortress of making me feel better – it’s home to my tissues, head cold medicine and ARM & HAMMER’s Simply Saline.  It’s a drug-free spray that can be used throughout the day and it helps moisturize but also helps clear up my congestion.

Breathing Easy with Arm & Hammer  The change in temperature stirs up so much pollen and dust and the saline mist can be combined with cold/sinus medications. At the end of the day, when I’m feeling stuffy – I can rely on the Simply Saline to make me feel better.  I grab my computer and blanket and snuggle up on the couch ready to relax!

You know who else really gets my allergies going?  My precious cat, Jack’s litter box. I love my cat, but goodness the smells that come from that box drive my allergies crazy. We’ve recently switched his cat littler over to the ARM & HAMMER Double Duty Clumping Litter and the unpleasant scents are gone!  Since switching litters, I’ve noticed there’s no more dust in the air wrecking havoc with my nose.  It’s a win-win for myself and Jack!

ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter Collage

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Now, it’s your turn to try out some of the fantastic ARM & HAMMER products!  To help you get ready for the cooler weather, one winner will receive two to three ARM & HAMMER products (depending on product availability) and a $100 VISA gift card.  

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    the beginning of fall because it’s not too hot and you can enjoy walks and parks better because it’s cooler

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    Fall Is Absolute Favorite!

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    I really like the Fall. I like decorating, and watching the leaves change color.

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    Fall 🙂

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    My favorite season is Spring! It’s perfect weather… not too cold and not too hot!

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    Fall is my favorite season.

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    I love fall because of the pretty colors and it’s the best time of year to bake!

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    My favorite season is summer.

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    Winter is my favorite season!

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    I LOVE FALL! The colors, the cooler temps, the FOOTBALL! =)

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    My favorite season of the year is Autumn. It’s so beautiful and it’s a lot of great temperatures!

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    My favorite season is summer here in Michigan.

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    My favorite season is Winter!

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    Fall is my favorite!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
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    Fall is my favorite season. It means I don’t have to mow anymore, and it’s my birthday, leaves are changing, cooler temps, so many things I like about fall.

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    I like Spring time.

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    Spring when flowers are blooming and it’s perfect temps

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    I love summer – fresh organic veggies from my garden.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

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    I love spring and fall which are both the worst seasons for my allergies I use simply saline it works wonders.

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    I love fall! But I also just love having all the seasons- I’d be sad living in a place where they barely change.

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    My favorite season is fall. NO allergies, cool weather, lots of colorful landscape, football, and farm harvest!

    Thank you!

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    Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the changing leaves and as an added bonus no heat or air conditioning.

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