What I Saw This Weekend – Giraffes, Rhinos and Lions!

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

As part of my role as the VISIT FLORIDA Family Insider, my family and I travel the state exploring places throughout the state that are perfect for vacations. This past weekend, we traveled to South Florida, just outside of West Palm Beach to Lion Country Safari to experience their drive-through safari. What I Saw This Weekend Lion Country Safari Thanks to our tour guide, David, we were able to get up-close and personal with some beautiful animals. I went in to the day just hoping to see a giraffe – never dreaming that I would actually get to feed them.  And not just one, but lots of them!  I’m not sure who was squealing more – me or my girls. It was an amazing experience. Giraffes at Lion Country Safari Thanks to our guide, we were even able to get out and meet a beautiful rhino named Buck.  He makes funny noises when he eats and his skin feels kinda leather-y.  After some convincing, Maggie finally agreed to touch him and then laughed about it. (She was too quick for a picture though!)  Truly a once in a lifetime type thing! What I Saw This Weekend Lion Country Safari Rhino I’m not gonna lie, I was really excited to see the lions, but also a little nervous too. They are beautiful creatures, but wow they could rip out my eyeballs if something goes wrong. My fears were gone once I saw that there were huge fences and barriers setup to keep the lions away (or keep me away from the lions!)  They were beautiful creatures and it was really hard to believe they could be so dangerous.

What I Saw This Weekend Lions Roaming at Lion Country Safari If you are ever in South Florida, put Lion Country Safari on your “must see” list – it was a fantastic experience and I especially loved that my girls were learning during our adventure. I’ve really started concentrating on making our trips fun, but also educational.  There’s no better way to learn than to get hands-on experience.

Have you ever been to Lion Country Safari?