Five Reasons You Need ‘Blog Design For Dummies’ Book

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I’ve been blogging a little over three years now. Before that, I had been journaling and writing for years so when I decided to make the big jump to the online world – I knew I’d want my online home to reflect my personality and writing.  I tried a few different looks and finally came upon my current one. It was quite a process and I owe a lot of what I’ve learned about blog design to Melissa Culbertson, from

Blog Design for Dummies Book Review

Melissa is such a pro that she’s written a new book called ‘Blog Design For Dummies‘ – she explains everything you need to know in easy terms and offers up great reference sites and ideas of how to improve your own site.  Here are some things you’ll learn from this fantastic book –

Discovering Your Online Voice

I knew this book was for me when I read – “Your blog design should feel like your voice.”  Your blog is a reflection of you – the tone, the structure – everything should represent who you are and what you represent. Melissa’s book talks about niches and whether it’s for you and how site structure plays a role in design.

Choosing Colors and Fonts

Learn about web-safe fonts, how to combine complimentary fonts and even where to find fancy fonts – for free. I had no idea there was so much involved in choosing the ‘right’ font, but having a site that’s visually appealing to readers is vital in the online world. Melissa provides fantastic examples and resources for finding the right colors for your blog too – I discovered the colors for my site on, thanks to her recommendation.

Blog Design for Dummies

Basic CSS and HTML

Melissa’s book offers reassurance that you can learn minimal CSS and HTML and still succeed at blogging. ‘Blog Design For Dummies‘ teaches you how to format words, make lists, create hyperlinks and how to properly insert images with proper coding.

SEO Basics

Search engine optimization is something that really scared me in the beginning (sometimes it still does).  This book is a great reference for learning the basics and how it can help your readers navigate your site easier and allow search engines to bring you new readers. I’m constantly using that chapter as a reference guide.

Blogging with Confidence

The ‘Blog Design For Dummies‘ book gave me confidence to feel good about my site and my voice within the blogging community. Being able to write well is important, but feeling good about the ‘look’ of your site – offers so much more to readers and makes you feel better about your little slice of the online world.

Blog Design for Dummies by Melissa Culbertson

If you’re a blogger or thinking about starting a blog, Blog Design For Dummies should be at the tops of your list for helping you create a site that’s a reflection of you. The book isn’t overwhelming and it’s extremely visual with examples of well-designed blogs and websites to help you create your own masterpiece.

Have you read Blog Design for Dummies? 


** I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. You’ll also find my site featured on page 38.  This post does contain affiliate links. **