Make Your Own Family Road Trip Adventures in Florida #bloggingFL

by Carrie with Children with 4 comments

Wanna know a secret? My kids have never been on an airplane. All of our family vacations have been roadtrips!

We’ve discovered new places throughout our travels, some we even drove by and made a quick u-turn to go back and check out. Whether we are playing ‘I Spy’ out the window with the girls or putting together our ‘wish list’ of things we want to do on our trip – road trips are my favorite!

Florida Roadside Citrus Stand
My latest story at tells of some of our latest adventures and I share some trips to make your family road trip one filled with great memories.

Whether it’s a two-hour drive out of town or a five-hour trip to explore a new city – the experiences you have with your children are something they will never forget – and neither will you!

Hop on over to the Florida Buzz blog and check out my latest story ”.

Where did you go on your last family road trip? 


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  • Hanan

    I’ve taken my two younger girls on planes before, but we’ve never gone anywhere all together on a plane. I’m not looking forward to that day either!! It’s crazy expensive with four kids. Plus, I love that on road trips, you can stop when you want to, and visit things on the way, like you mentioned.

    • Carrie with Children

      Flying is fun, but you are so right – it’s expensive! We’ve found so many fun places on roadtrips, it’s fun to be spontaneous and see new things

  • Melissa

    We LOVE road trips! It’s hard to get my family on a plane too. Our last road trip was Gulf Shores!

    • Carrie with Children

      Ah, a beach road trip is always a good thing 🙂