What I Saw This Weekend: Maggie’s First Trophy

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

When I was seven years old, I won my first trophy at a dance competition. My parents were just as excited as I was – and no one even seemed to care that it was third place.. out of three people. It was my first trophy and I earned it. I was so proud of that trophy, I think I even put it next to my pillow that night.

Flash forward to this past weekend, Maggie wrapped up her first season of soccer and received her first trophy.

Maggies First Trophy

She was thrilled and couldn’t stop talking about how the trophy even had her name on it. She had a permanent grin the rest of the day. I was excited because Daddy was the team coach and he awarded Maggie her trophy. A special moment for both of them.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t know anything about soccer, so this past season involved a lot of learning on my part. However, the thing I loved the most about Maggie’s first soccer season was watching her spend time with her Dad. Soccer practice and games were their “thing” together. Most days, I wasn’t sure who was more excited – him or her.

Maggie and Dad at Soccer Watermarked

I’m excited to see what next season holds for Maggie. She said she wants to play again, but we’ll see if she changes her mind when it comes time to sign up again.

Whatever path she chooses – I hope it’s one that involves trophies with her name on it and spending extra time with her Daddy. Because I’ve never seen her smile more – and that’s what it is all about!