I Met Grumpy Cat Once… It Was Awful. (Not Really!) #grumpycat

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Last week, while I was at Walt Disney World’s summer media preview event, I ran into the most amazing ‘celebrity’. My husband thought I was crazy when I said I *had* to have a picture. After all, this celebrity doesn’t talk but has over five million Facebook fans.  HUGE!

Grumpy Cat Meme
Yep, that’s right – my two seconds of fame involved a cat that frowns. Grumpy Cat!  I’m still squealing over my brush with greatness.

Did you know that Grumpy Cat is actually a ‘she’ – and her real name is Tardar Sauce?!  Who knew! She was such a tiny, little cat – I later learned that she actually has a specific type of feline dwarfism. She was precious.

Apparently, Grumpy Cat is friends with the Seven Dwarfs and his mom was excited to be there for the dedication of the new ride. It sounds like there may even be some new pictures and fun with Tardar Sauce and the Dwarfs arriving in the weeks leading up to the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train debut.

Grumpy Cat 2

Until then, for some great laughs – be sure to follow Grumpy Cat on Instagram and also on Facebook. Hilarious stuff.

 Do you love Grumpy Cat?