Maggie and the Missing Teeth

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

The tooth fairy has had a busy few weeks at our house.

A few weeks ago, Maggie lost her first tooth – she was ecstatic and thrilled that the Tooth Fairy left money under her pillow. She’s had a few wiggling teeth lately and this past week – Maggie lost her two front teeth on top!

Maggie and the Missing Teeth

My little girl looks like a completely different person now! And that Tooth Fairy is working overtime visiting us lately too.

Looking back through my pictures from the last few weeks, I really wished I had taken more of her in each of her tooth-less stages. What a fun way to look back once she gets older.

I think losing baby teeth is the first sign that my oldest is starting to grow up. It’s a little sad, but exciting too.

Do you remember when your child lost their first tooth?