Garth Brooks – My ‘One’ Person #garthbrooks

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Everyone has that ‘one’ person. The one that moves them, the one you follow for years – whether it’s a movie star, a chef or a singer…

Garth Brooks has been my ‘one person’ since the first time I saw him in concert – way back in 1990-ish in Gainesville, Florida. I was in the seventh grade. I remember the day so well that I even remember what I was wearing – my cowboy boots, jeans and my favorite red ruffled shirt.

Fast forward to 1992, it was the day before my fourteenth birthday in Orlando, Florida. My parents won a radio contest for Garth Brooks meet/greet passes. As I tried to choke back the tears, I was able to sit down and tell him why I loved his music.

Garth Brooks and Carrie McLaren
Over the next few years, I would see Garth Brooks in concert five more times. The last show was December 2010 in Nashville, as Garth held benefit concerts to help the city as they recovered from a devastating flood. My excitement level was just as high as it was way back in 1992 – if not higher.

When it was announced that Garth would finally be touring again in 2014, I knew I had to be there. As the cities were slowly announced, I figured Jacksonville wouldn’t make the cut – so I began saving money in hopes to travel. I couldn’t believe it a few weeks ago when Jacksonville was announced as the third city on the tour. HUGE news. And if you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my virtual squealing.

It was a dream come true – and the local news even came out to my house for an interview. Really – here’s proof —

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Needless to say, I’m a little excited about it. With three shows initally announced, he added three more shows for a total of six concerts here in Jacksonville, October 10-12 and October 17-19. Right now, I have tickets to three of the shows – with hopes of making it to the final three.  (Just don’t tell my husband… yet!)

Some think I’m crazy, but Garth is my thing. I’ve grown up with his music and his songs have been a part of my life. Certain songs define times in my life (more on that for another day) and seeing him again in concert is something I’ve been dreaming about these past four years.

I’ll be counting down the days…

Who is your ‘one person’?