Happy Birthday, Maggie!

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Six years ago today was most definitely the longest day of my life, yet also the most rewarding. After nine months and a very long 24 hours of labor, it was the day I became a mom. November 3, 2008.

Today, my little Maggie turns six years old and I couldn’t be more proud of this fun, little girl.

Maggie Sixth Birthday Watermarked
Maggie keeps us on our toes and she keeps us laughing too. She loves going to Kindergarten and comes home every afternoon to tell me that she played Power Rangers and Star Wars with the boys on the playground. (She tells me she’s the pink one.)

She’s found a new love for reading and even received a reading achievement award at school last week. Story time before bed each night is much more exciting to her now – she has started reading the books to me!

Maggie Birthday Cake 2014 WaterMarked

And just as I suspected, she’s growing up too quickly. I tried to surprise her with a fun ‘birthday sash’ to wear to school today, but she turned up her nose at me and asked if she could wait and wear it when she got home this afternoon. Sigh. Six years old going on thirteen.

I’m so proud to be a mom – and I love discovering things through my daughter’s eyes. There’s nothing better than being a parent and I’m thankful this little lady is along for the ride.

Happy Birthday Maggie!