Molly Milestone: Happy, Friendly and Outgoing

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a ‘Molly Milestone’ with you, but it isn’t because she hasn’t been progressing well. She’s doing amazing things and we couldn’t be more proud.

Molly’s speech isn’t so limited anymore, she’s talking up a storm lately and she loves going to school each day. She’s developed quite the personality and she always knows how to keep us laughing too.

Molly McLaren March 2015 Watermarked
I just love seeing her little personality shine through. And for a little girl who can’t even say her own name, everyone at her (typical) school certainly knows it.

I took her to school late this morning (we overslept) and as soon as we entered the front office, everyone stopped to say hello to Molly. And each person called her by name. It’s apparent that she has more than just her family members wrapped around her fingers.

Maggie and Molly McLaren January 2015
She loves playing with her sister and their relationship is growing each day. They are reaching the age to where they play in their rooms quietly together and I can’t help but sneak a peek to see what they are up to each afternoon. No matter what they are doing, there is always laughter involved and it makes my heart swell.

We are so incredibly proud of Molly – and big sister, Maggie too. And with summer break coming up in a few months, the fun has only begun for these cute kiddos.