What’s Your Passion and Purpose?

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When the folks at Jacksonville’s upcoming Generation W Conference asked me what my passion and purpose were in life, I’ll admit I had to do some heavy soul searching.

With the busy day to day happenings, this question stopped me in my tracks and forced me to think about my goals, purpose and needs in life. Here’s a look at my thoughts –

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My family drives me to succeed. As my girls are still in the early stages of life, I want to be a great role model for them. Each day holds new experiences and situations for them, I want to be there to hold their hand, guide them, yet let them create their own way in life, too. My husband is constantly reminding me of the passion that lives inside of me – encouraging me to meet personal goals and keeps me thinking of that ‘next idea’.

They are also the ones that give me encouragement and strength when I’m feeling down. They are my motivators and keep me reaching higher at every turn. Funny to think that a four- and six-year old could motivate someone so much, but those little smiles and hugs mean give me purpose each day.


I’m passionate about traveling with my family. Discovering new places, new people and having fun is important to me. I see travel as a way to learn of new surroundings and it always offers a new perspective on life.

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It inspires me and gives me new life. It is there where lifelong memories are created – moments of time that my children will remember forever. From the time we met penguins at the aquarium to the first time we visited Walt Disney World, that sparkle in their eyes (and mine) keeps me pushing for more. More fun, more experiences and new destinations.


Whether it is meeting new people, reading or trying something new, each day is a new learning experience. It is an important part of the growth process, from a personal and professional standpoint for me and I’m always striving to find that little nugget of knowledge.

The upcoming Generation W conference here in Jacksonville fulfills that need for knowledge. Hear from passionate entrepreneurs, public leaders and non-profit organizations speak about what leads their purpose in life, learn business tips and be inspired to start your own path.

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Experience Generation W

Interested in attending this day of inspiration and education? Tickets for the March 27th event are on sale now. The event takes place at the University of North Florida and features women from across the country sharing their experiences and how it relates to their passions and purpose.

Here’s a look at the Generation W speakers coming to Jacksonville this year. Be sure to look for me at the conference. I’m excited to learn and be inspired by these great thought leaders.

What’s your passion and purpose? 


** I was invited to share my thoughts on passion and purpose by the Generation W conference for the purpose of this sponsored post.  Thoughts and opinions here are always my own. **