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During my time at Walt Disney World for the opening of Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom, I visited a resort that was ‘new to me’ – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. And as soon as I walked into the lobby, I knew I wanted to return there soon.

image courtesy of Walt Disney World Resorts

image courtesy of Walt Disney World Resorts

While we didn’t have the opportunity to stay at the resort during this trip, I was excited to learn that families are welcome to visit the property at any time.

From hands-on activities, wildlife discoveries, cultural experiences and plenty of Disney fun – the resort’s focus is animals as you can see giraffes, zebras and more right at the resort.

During the visit, I had the opportunity to speak with Greg Peccie, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal Operations Manager and I could feel the passion and love he has for this beautiful resort.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Logo

Greg explained many of the activities available to guests visiting the resort. One of the property’s newest activities includes the ‘Dine with Animal Specialists’ – An Untamed Lunch at Sanaa. Recommended for ages 8 and up, you can dine alongside an animal expert, ask questions and learn all while enjoying a four-course meal.

I could tell Greg took great pride in telling us about the cultural experiences and interactions available with the Savanna guides. These guides are each on a twelve-month Visa from their native country, working with Disney to share knowledge of their homelands with guests. At home, they may work as safari guides or in the hospitality industry, but at Disney they serve as representatives helping guests learn and enjoy their time at the resort.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Giraffe in Savanna


As you enter, the resort’s lobby, you are met with a beautiful view of the savannas with zebras, giraffes and more. Take a step outside to the overlook and you’ll instantly notice a peaceful calm as the animals are at home at the resort.  There are four savannas encompassing 46 acres and 250 animals – completely separate from the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is so unlike any typical resort – it’s truly like stepping into the middle of a savanna far away from ‘the real world’. With so many activities available at the resort, you could stay there and never even need to go to a park.

I look forward to the day when I can return with my family and wake up overlooking the savannas. I’ve added the Night Safari to my bucket list – you can tour the savannas using night vision goggles!

Have you been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge? 

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