Exploring The Seas at Disney’s Epcot #MonkeyKingdomEvent

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Visiting The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion at Epcot is always ‘must do’ for my family. Last week, while at Walt Disney World for the opening of Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom, I had the opportunity to see another side (literally) of the area – and it was an incredible experience.

The Seas at Epcot
In addition to a fun ride surrounding Nemo and friends and the popular, interactive Turtle Talk with Crush show,  The Seas is also home to some pretty spectacular marine and aquatic life, including a 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium.

Until this visit, I wasn’t aware that a dolphin encounter/training is held three times a day at the pavilion. It’s a fascinating way to learn about dolphins, see how they interact with others and each other. Be sure to check the Epcot Times Guide during your visit to catch one of the presentations, it’s pretty cool.

The pavilion is also great place to explore and learn about sea life, soak up some air conditioning and a great place to hideout from rain too. With sea turtles, sting rays, dolphins, manatees, incredible amounts of fish – I could stay there for hours talking to the experts found around the aquarium.

Dolphins at The Seas in Epcot
During our visit, we were also able to take a peek at a ‘backstage area’ to see the inner workings of the aquarium – and it was massive. From daily feedings to wellness checks on the animals, it’s pretty incredible what it takes to keep this area up and running. Check out these cool facts about The Seas –

Fun Facts About The Seas

** The Seas aquarium is so large you could fit the entire Epcot ball inside and still have foom to drive a Disney bus around it.

** The aquarium is a 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium.

** The aquarium is 26 feet deep and 203 feet in diameter.

** It is the second largest aquarium in the United States, just behind the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

** Over 42 species and approximately 1,200 animals call The Seas at Epcot their home.

** The four dolphins currently residing at The Seas are Calvin, Khyber, Malabar, and Ranier.

** The windows are made of acrylic and vary in thickness from 5.5 to 8 inches thick and are held into place by water pressure.

** Water temperature varies between 75-78 °F

And in addition to seeing so many of the fish and animals, I’m always on the lookout for Hidden Mickeys in the aquarium. I found this one below during our visit and it instantly made me smile. In past visits, I’ve seen a Hidden Goofy too – you’ve always gotta keep your eyes open, never know what you might find!

Hidden Mickey at The Seas in Epcot
The Seas with Nemo & Friends is such a fantastic place to sneak in some learning while you are on vacation. And if your children are homeschooled or maybe on vacation during school – take them to The Seas for some learning time, they’ll learn something and have fun too.

It is always such a thrill to experience The Seas and after this trip, I’ve walked away with an even larger appreciation for the exhibit – and I can’t wait to return again with my family soon. And I’ll definitely have plenty more fun facts to share with them too.

Have you visited The Seas with your family?

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