Introducing the Microsoft Band #MicrosoftBloggers

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Bathing suit season is coming up soon (for some of us, it is already here)! It’s that time of year where I go to the store and think, “Ugh! Is there such thing as the perfect swimsuit?”

It’s the time of year where I start eating better, trying to exercise more and be more conscious of my choices and surroundings. Enter the new Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band Things to Know

As part of my involvement as a Microsoft Blogger, the Microsoft Band showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

What is the Microsoft Band? 

Microsoft Band helps those like myself that want to live healthier and be more productive. Synced together with the mobile app, I have the ability to track my steps, calories burned, distance, sleep patterns and even my heart rate – I’ve been able to hold myself more accountable and be connected with my activities.

The other great feature I love about the Band is the ability to receive notifications right on the device. There’s no need to keep my phone within reach! From calls, e-mails, Facebook messages, texts, Twitter and even calendar reminders – the Band keeps me posted at all times. And if I want to disconnect – the notifications are optional, so I can turn them off whenever I feel the need.

Microsoft Band Tracking

The Band even has built-in exercises and workouts that sync with your mobile device. I’ve started doing the ‘Flat Stomach Workout’ and holy heavens, it’s definitely a workout. It hurts to laugh and cough – but the good news is – it is working! And I’m loving it too. It’s convenient and easy for a total workout rookie like myself.

Things to Know About the Microsoft Band 

** Compatible — The Band syncs together with most mobile devices, just download the Microsoft Health app. I use my Band with my iPhone5 and have had no troubles. Easy and convenient.

** More Availability — Now you can purchase the Microsoft Band at Amazon, Target, Best Buy and of course online and on-site at the Microsoft Store. I bought my husband’s online with Best Buy and it was here super fast.

** Different Sizes — The Band comes in three sizes and there is a helpful measuring tool on the Microsoft site to determine your size. I used it as a guide in deciding what size to get and ended up with a medium – it’s a perfect fit.

** Cortana Functionality — Windows Phone users with the 8.1 Update will have access to their Cortana personal assistant via the Band. With a built-in microphone, you can set reminders, appointments and Cortana can keep you posted with reminders too.

Microsoft Band Close-Up

I’m excited to continue using the Band – and I’m excited to experience alongside my husband too. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of us being more active, getting fit all while staying connected.

What do you think about the Microsoft Band? 


** I am a member of the Microsoft Bloggers team. I received the Microsoft Band as part of my relationship within the program. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own. **