Big Changes Ahead: I’m Following My Passion

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I created Carrie with Children in September 2010 to share the story of my daughter, Molly’s diagnosis with Down syndrome. I thought a blog would be a helpful way for friends and family to follow along with her progress and that maybe by putting our story out on social media I could meet other parents that were in similar situations.

I quickly found a great support system online,  I renewed my passion for writing and realized I loved being part of an online community.

Thanks to this site, I’ve gained lifelong friends, new experiences and the ability to stay at home with my girls.

Renewing my Passion

Travel has always been something I’ve loved, so much so that I even worked in travel public relations for seven years. Now that I’m a parent, I’ve become even more passionate about travel. I want to experience things through my children’s eyes — and I want us to discover new places and make fantastic memories together.

Carrie McLaren - Carrie On Travel - About Page
Over the last three years, I traveled the state as the VISIT FLORIDA Family Insider – exploring destinations and helping families plan their own vacations.

All the while, I was questioning myself – trying to decide what road to choose with my online community. When my VISIT FLORIDA role came to an end in June 2015, it was the sign I had been searching for telling me to continue my passion for travel.

Time to Follow My Passion

And today is the day… I’m making the jump and following my passion. It is exciting, thrilling and yep – kinda scary too. But, it also feels so right.

Today, I’m saying farewell to Carrie with Children and saying hello to my brand new home — Carrie on Travel.

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I’m ready to share my travel experiences, tips, deals and more to inspire you to plan the ultimate adventure with your own family. I’m putting my heart into and I’m truly hoping you’ll make the journey over there with me, too.

Today, I’ll starting the transition of renaming my social channels — Twitter will become @CarrieMcLaren and Instagram will become @CarrieOnTravel. And fingers crossed, Facebook should be just a simple name change. If you’re already following my Carrie with Children channels, then you should be redirected automatically.

What’s Next for Carrie with Children? 

My stories will continue to live here on this site forever, but I won’t be writing here anymore.

It was a tough decision, the past five years with this site are almost like a journal of my life. I want Molly’s stories to live forever — and help other parents too. Many people don’t know my last name, they know me as ‘Carrie with Children’ – whether I like it or not, it has become my name. And that’s the scary part about breaking away and following my heart. But, it’s also the really exciting part too.

Carrie McLaren and Family - Carrie on Travel
So… join me at It’s the same old me, just with a better sense of direction and a whole lot of passion on display too. I’ve got a lot of fun stories ready to share with you and, of course, they’ll be plenty of traveling stories about Molly and Maggie too!

Onward, upward with plenty of inspiration ahead of us. Come along …


Come join me at

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  • LaurenTee

    congrats Carrie! While its terrifying to change course, your new destination sounds like a ton of fun. Hope one day your travels bring you and the family to the Pacific Northwest. I think you’d love it up here, and we have plenty of places for you to discover!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks, Lauren! It is definitely scary to change course, but I am really excited about it. Oregon is on my bucket list – will definitely let you know when/if we make it there! Hope you are well.

  • Fadra

    Many many congrats! I love the new direction and the name couldn’t be more clever or fitting!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks, Fadra! I’m nervous, but really excited about my new path. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now, so glad that it is finally here!

  • Wayne

    Wow, awesome – best of luck with the change!