Change In Perspective

by Carrie with Children with 5 comments

It sounds so silly, but one conversation changed my perspective on life as a mom. 

My precious Molly was born on June 23rd, a little over three months ago and I am just now getting around to sending out her birth announcement. I’ll share Molly’s story with you another day. (Shameless plug, I created and ordered her announcements from VistaPrint and they turned out perfect!)

I have felt very guilty about waiting so long to get the birth announcements out to our family and friends. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that my outlook changed dramatically.  A close friend told me, “Carrie, you are a mother of two girls under the age of two years old.  I would be offended if I got an announcement from you soon after her arrival.  Your main priority right now should be enjoying your babies, not birth announcements.  Let things happen, when they happen…who cares if they are late, or never get sent at all.”  Right there, everything changed for me.  She was right. The timing of birth announcements was so trivial.  Who cares when/if they get mailed? Who cares if the dishwasher doesn’t get run after dinner each night? So what if I don’t make the bed one day. It will still be there tomorrow. Time with my babies won’t be here forever!

So, friends and family that are on my mailing list – please be happy that your card is coming three months behind schedule.  I’ve been spending quality time in the rocking chair with Molly, having dinner at the table with my family, playing with Maggie in the baby pool, going to the museum and playground, story time at the library and just snuggling on the couch watching Yo Gabba Gabba. 


  • Anonymous

    Amen… I could not agree more.
    Nicole Hill

  • Anonymous

    I doubly agree my chilren are now grown but I get to do it all over with my grandson, who just turned 2 on September 10. They do not stay long forever the housework and dusting will wait while you rock Molly and take them out to do fun stuff.
    Pam Rodgers King

  • Kimi

    Well, then I must be mom of the year because Kenyon is 17 months old and her birth announcements never went out! (and were never even ordered) Glad you are enjoying the girls so much šŸ™‚ <3

  • Carrie with Children

    Kimi – You ARE mom of the year because you get up before sunrise to go running. That is amazing!

  • Scary Mommy

    Oh, you have a blog! You don't need to worry about mailing announcements anymore! šŸ™‚