Can You Guess The Two Most Popular Dog Names?

by Carrie with Children with 17 comments

Why/how did you pick your child’s name? Does it have a special meaning to you? Is it a family name or just a name you thought was cute?  My husband and I wanted our girls to have strong Irish names. (Okay, I did..and he agreed to it.)  It was really important to me.

Well, I recently learned that I have officially scarred my children for life.  According to @FactsAndTrivia ( the most popular female dog names are Maggie and Molly.  Guess what I named both my precious babies? Yep, you guessed it..  Maggie and Molly.  

How was I supposed to know that everyone names their dog a cute, Irish people name? Let’s start a movement to end this trend.  As my uncle told me, “You better watch out when you open the door and yell for the girls to come inside for dinner.  You’ll have all the neighborhood dogs running your way.”  Lovely.  Once we found out we were having girls, we immediately announced the baby’s name.  I feared backlash from people that didn’t like the name or those who would suggest something “better”. Luckily, everyone was kind and accepted our name decision.  I find it pretty funny that it’s the most popular dog names. It doesn’t bother me one bit. 

Tell me about how you chose names for your children (or future children).  Did you consult a book? Did you check the Internet to see if it was popular or maybe not so popular?    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


  • cambrownjax

    I chose my daugher's name – Hayden – because it had been in my husband's family for several generations. Was my daughter's great-great grandfather's last name. Funny thing is, this guy hit the road in the early 1900s and no one knows what happened to him, but they kept using his name. It became a popular name from the TV show "Coach" as well.

    My son is named Stuart, as he is a direct descendent of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. She was born with the name Mary Stewart, but changed it to Stuart when she became betrothed to the Dauphin Francis, heir to the French throne and wanted to use the French spelling. Both his grandmothers were named Stuart, so I balked at having my son named after his grandmothers, but his father won out.

  • Carrie with Children

    Wow! Your children should be so proud to carry on such great family names. Funny that he hasn't been heard from since the 1900s, but his name has lived on! Very cool!

  • Anonymous

    I was named after a character on Guiding Light.. her name was Nicole Bauer…she died in a horrific car accident on the show. Hmmmmmmm maybe that's why my mother and I do not get along. Really.. we dont.

    Nicole Hill

  • Kimi

    Campbell was named after Doak Campbell stadium. My dad still calls her Doak. Kenyon came froma list of names I liked that I pulled off the internet and that was the only one Chuck agreed to. It also happens to be my great-grandmother's maiden name. And we did have a dog named Maggie 🙂 I love your girls' names and you shouldn't give them a second thought!!!

  • Carrie with Children

    Kimi – I love your girls names! I knew about the origin of Campbell's name but didn't about Kenyon! Very cool!

    Do you think I could convince you to name your next dog Molly? Just because.

  • Kimi

    We can totally name our next dog Molly.

  • Jessica

    Maggie and Molly are great names! You know what I learned in the naming process, that you are always going to have someone that doesn't like what you decide. But, I realized that is just life. 🙂

    My husband and I fell in love with the name "Cameron" for our son 10 years prior to even thinking about getting pregnant. I got a lot of different responses on the name choice. I did NOT like what I saw on the internet about the meaning being "crooked nose" but decided my son could give the name a new definition. Oh trust me, he has. I think I'd redefine it as "one who throws tantrums"!

  • Carrie with Children

    Thanks Jessica! I like the name Cameron too – awesome choice!

    It's funny how kids "grow" into their own names, isn't it?

  • Sippy Cup Mom

    We picked the name Hayden because we just kept coming across it and I thought it was cool and different. We actually had the name picked out since 2004, 4 years before Hayden was born. Now we come across a lot of Haydens! :-p

    So my name is Melissa and my nickname is Missy. My grandma really wanted me to be named Melissa so she could call me Missy. I found out later that my Grandma's next door neighbor's dog was named Missy. Um, what?

  • By Word of Mouth Musings

    I wanted Molly, but Ian told me that Molly Morgan sounded like a lap dancer … seriously, LOVE your names!
    Thank you for linking up today – all first posts should get lots of love xxx
    Cannot believe its been a year – so happy to see all the very first posts!

    • Carrie with Children

      LOL. Molly Morgan! 🙂 Too funny!

      So excited for you reaching your blogoversary! xoxoxo

  • Dee @ Start Dreaming

    Oh how giggling funny! We picked our kiddos names using a variety of ways. Books, internet, popular, unpopular lists and name meanings. We usually went with name meanings the most but I have always been a rule pusher (not breaker… just push the envelope a bit….) so I leaned more towards the least popular names.

    OH and the greatest test of all. Scream the name out your backdoor to see how it sounds. That was always the winning method of name selection. Hehehe…

    Take care!

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Dee! Thanks for reading today! That is such great advice about the “scream the name out the back door”. I love it!

  • Emily faliLV

    Haha! I didn’t know that! I think they are much better little girls names! 🙂

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