My New Life As A Mom

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

The first, big adult purchase I ever made with my own money was new family room furniture.  It was winter 2005, Rob and I had been together for three years (still no ring..I wasn’t bitter, promise) and we had just bought a house. I’ll never forget signing the finance paperwork swearing on my life that I could afford it.  I was so scared and excited that I cried… yes, right there in the middle of Rooms to Go.  Weeks later when everything was delivered, I turned into a crazy lady.  No feet allowed on the couch, no drinks on the table unless you have a coaster, don’t leave clutter, etc. 

Fast forward five years to today. I’m the mom to a 22-month old and a 3-month old.  There is no such thing as “no feet allowed on the couch, no drinks on the table”.  Never could I have imagined that this is what my precious furniture would look like today.

An old picture, but I see feet on the couch, a random shoe, a stained pillow and a cute baby.

Almost a year ago and I’m speechless over this one.

Clutter everywhere and TWO drinks without coasters.


Random scribble that I’m hoping is from a washable crayon.

My first, big adult purchase and it’s covered with crayons, dog fun and baby spitup.  I’m more proud of my furniture today than I was crying in Rooms to Go all those years ago.  It’s been drawn on, slept on, spilled on and lived on. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 


  • Megan - Life of the Tailgate

    I can beyond relate to this, except it's with my dog. Our love seat is an absolute mess (and only a year 1/2 old). But it's in front of the window the he loves to look out, and it makes him so happy, so whatever I guess. 🙂 Oh what you do for things you love.