Travel Tuesday

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In my “past life”, I did pr/media relations for the city’s tourism department. So, to steal a line from my tourism friends, today is “Travel Tuesday”.  Whether it’s daydreaming about tropical vacations, packing up the kids for a road trip or staying close to home for an adventure  – let’s talk travel each Tuesday!

Last week, my husband was super busy at work, so I hit the road for a seven hour trip to visit relatives in Alabama. Crazy talk, considering I’ve got a 22mo old (Maggie) and a 3mo old (Molly). Thankfully, my parents were here in town, so my mom rode with us. The girls were perfect on the long trip.  We packed a picnic lunch and stopped at a rest area to eat, play and feed Molly.  Why had I never thought about doing this before now?!  This was the perfect place to take a break from the road. The picnic area was clean, there was a security guard on duty – so I felt safe, and Maggie loved playing in the sunshine.  Mom and I agreed that stopping for a fun, family picnic was much more relaxing than eating in a restaurant. Plus, since we packed our own lunches, we saved money and we had all our favorite foods for lunch! Maggie also made friends with a squirrel while we were there.  She waved at him, blew kisses and said hello.  (I think he was just hungry, but we won’t tell Maggie!).  

I think we will start having rest area picnics on every road trip. Affordable, fresh air and convenient – what’s not to love?!  

For Travel Tuesday, tell me about your favorite place to stop on long road trips.  A favorite ice cream place? A local dive for breakfast? I look forward to your responses!


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  • Carrie with Children

    Yes! How could I forget boiled peanuts – I love those too!

  • Anonymous

    If you live with a man like mine,,, believe me before we take a road trip he has already scoped out all the local spots for the local flavor… He makes a spreadsheet and we go from there. I know this takes the adventure out of it.. but we have found some amazing places!


  • Julie

    Local restaurants for sure. They always have the best food, best prices and best atmosphere! I also like quirky attractions and roadside produce stands (especially ones with boiled peanuts – if you're in the South, of course…)

  • Anonymous

    Growing up as a Navy brat this is how my family traveled. My father only believed in stopping when the car needed gas or at mealtimes. My mother always made sandwiches ahead of time and then along the way we stopped at stores to replenish the picnic basket. One of us climbed in the window to sleep and we also had a board in the backseat that we could also sleep on. We traveled from California to Florida like this with stops along the way. We had a tent and sleeping bags for the night stops -oh the joys of travel-now when I travel I do pack snacks and drinks for the ride and sometimes I like to stop for picnic rests but most time I do like a restaurant. In fact end of next month, my daughter, grandson and I will be going to Maggie Valley, NC we will hit the rest stops but I do know lunch will be at Fuddruckers in Spartanburg, SC.
    Thank you for allowing good memories.

    Pamela Rodgers King

  • Kimi

    On our way up to the games we always have a picnic at the Fanning Springs rest stop. It is right on the Suwannee River and a beautiful, perfect picnic spot. I agree, much nicer with 2 kids than in a restaurant!

  • Carrie with Children

    Nicole – I think that sounds like lots of fun!

    Pam – Thanks for sharing! Hope you all enjoy your trip to Maggie Valley – you know it's a special place to me! 🙂 FYI..there is also a Fuddruckers in Downtown Asheville!

    Kimi – We need to check that place out! Sounds fun!

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    Hi I am Nicole from I wanted to drop by and say hi. I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.