Mom’s Day Out: Library Used Book Sale!

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As a kid, I’d rather get in trouble than read a book….seriously. In college Cliff Notes were my friend, anything to keep me from having to read an actual book from start to finish.  (Yes, I realize Cliff Notes still involved actual reading, but you know what I mean.)  After I graduated from college, I became older and wiser realizing that books could actually be fun.  As I’ve told my mom – it’s a whole new world when you actually get to choose the books you want to read and not the other way around.  These days I’ve got a constant, growing stack of books on my nightstand on a wide variety of topics – parenting, sports, celebrities, inspirational…you name it.

Today was a special day for local book lovers.  A day that many have had circled on their calendars for months (myself included). Our local “Friends of the Library” organization hosted its bi-annual used book sale with all the proceeds benefiting the library.  Trust me when I tell you that there are literally books as far as you can see.  It’s overwhelming for first-timers attending the sale.  It’s not uncommon to see people wheeling suitcases out of the sale filled with nothing but books.  Just take a look at this price listing and you’ll instantly understand why it is a book lover’s dream.

Check out these prices!

That’s right, friends… used books for no more than $2.00.  The only exception are the “better books” which really means “practically new”. On Sunday, pay $10 and see how many books you can fit in a brown paper bag. Fyi…you can fit a LOT of books in one bag. The books are divided up into sections just like a regular library, so it’s a little easier to find your favorites.  I spent almost two hours at the sale today and only made it to two categories.  It’s exhausting and hard work, but totally worth it when you find *the* book.  The man in front of me in the checkout line spent $110 – please remember the most expensive book was $2… you do the math.  Wow!

I walked away from the sale today with 24 kids books for only $19.  BARGAIN!  I only allow myself to take one small bag and once it’s full – I call it quits.  I ended up with books of Sesame Street, the Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer, the Berenstain Bears and more. Maggie enjoys “reading”, she even has her own bookshelf filled with books. I’ve found that used books are perfect for kids.  If one gets ripped, who cares it cost 50cents. These days, her books are more likely to get attacked by crayons. When I got home and showed Maggie her new books, she instantly took the bag, dumped them out in the floor and started “reading”. 

Maggie checking out her “new to her” books.

Mark your calendars now, the next book sale is March 4-6, 2011.  I’ll be there! Will you?

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  • Anonymous

    Please send a reminder so I can get books for my grandson. Actually I should be able to remember since March 4 is my birthday 🙂
    Pam Rodgers King

  • Carrie with Children

    No worries, Pam! I'll make sure and remind you!

    Also, if you are interested, they have a mini-version of this sale every Saturday morning at the University Park library near JU. The main library Downtown also has a store called Booktique where they also sell used books – it's open every day! Here's a good link for more info

  • Ixy

    Book sales are the best! One time as I was leaving a book sale, one of the staff kindly asked me where my store was. I had bought so many books that she thought I was a book dealer!

    Visiting from the Say Hi Sunday blog hop 🙂