Five Question Friday

by Carrie with Children with 7 comments

Happy Friday to you!  To celebrate the end of the week, let’s play a game I call “Five Question Friday” (okay, so I just made this game up..whatever).  Every Friday there will be a new set of five questions.  How would you respond to these questions? Play along with me and leave your answers below. 

If you had an endless supply of one food, what would it be? 
Easy question.  Fried chicken.  Although, I guess I wouldn’t need an endless supply since it’s not exactly healthy, I probably wouldn’t survive very long.  Maybe just a two-month supply would do. I’ve loved fried chicken as long as I can remember.. and if you really want to make me a happy girl, throw in some mashed potatoes and gravy with it. 
What’s your favorite line from any movie?

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Ferris BuellerYep, you know the one…Matthew Broderick in the shower, getting ready for school.  Such a great line.  (Side note – can you believe that movie came out in 1986?  Crazy!)

Would you rather be rich, or famous? Why?
Tough decision on this one, but I’m going with rich.  If you are famous, everyone is always in your business and I don’t want people in my business (or at least not *that* much).  I’d rather be filthy rich and not be on the cover of magazines. 

If you moved to Sesame Street, who would you want as your neighbor? Why?
I feel like there is only one obvious answer for this question.  I would want to be neighbors with Oscar the Grouch.  My house could be as messy as I wanted and I would always have comfort knowing that his was probably just as messy or worse!  He would probably like me as a neighbor.  The only problem that we may have in being neighbors is Fluffy…Oscar’s pet elephant. I think he’d make for a very noisy neighbor.

Do you make your bed every morning? 
Absolutely! I think it’s part of my self-diagnosed OCD – I have to do and it has to be done a certain way.  Every. Time.  Growing up, I was a weird kid about making my bed. I would climb in the bed, pull all the covers over me and get the bed made just how I liked it – then I would squirm my way out from under the covers without trying to mess it up too bad.  πŸ™‚


  • JA

    OK…I'll play!

    Q1 – Mexican food (obviously)! If I have to break it down to just one dish, it would be enchiladas.

    Q2 – oddly enough, I don't have one. There are many quotes I like and am prone to throw out there, but there is no single one that sticks with me.

    Q3 – ditto what you said, rich

    Q4 – Dude, it would have to be Big Bird! He's the mayor of Sesame Street!

    Q5 – yes and I do it better than the wife-unit. πŸ˜‰

  • Carrie with Children

    The wife-unit, that cracks me up JA. πŸ™‚ And so true about Big Bird being the mayor!

    Julie – Frozen pizza?! Really??

  • Julie

    1. Frozen pizza. I even like it better than restaurant pizza!

    2. How about a quote from a book that will probably be made into a movie in the near future? "That which you manifest is before you." ~Enzo the dog from The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

    3. Rich, because being rich doesn't necessarily mean having lots of money.

    4. Bert and Ernie. I mean, I already live in Riverside!

    5. Heck no. I can barely get myself dressed and out the door. Who's got time to make the bed??

  • Bonnie Upright

    Q1: Shrimp.

    Q2: That's what she said.

    Q3: Famous. Like there was any doubt which one I'd choose?

    Q4: Cookie Monster of course!

    Q5: No way. Nor do I force my kids to. Go ahead. Judge my parenting skills. I dare you.

  • Carrie with Children

    Oh Bonnie – you make me laugh. πŸ™‚ I should have known that would be your answer for #2 and #3. Thanks for playing!

  • Prerna

    Oh what a fun game! Am new here and i look forward to joining in soon. Maybe you should start a linky list post to do this every week. Will be so much fun:-)

  • Carrie with Children

    Thanks Prena! A linky list is a GREAT idea! I've seen them on other blogs, now I just need to figure out how to do it πŸ™‚

    Feel free to jump in and answer this coming Friday's questions! It's the beginning of a fun Friday tradition!