Morning Rush Hour for Moms

by Carrie with Children with 8 comments

Anyone that knows me in the real world, knows that I am *not* a morning person. At. All. In my pre-baby days when I was a 9 to 5’er, the morning rush hour meant sitting in traffic for an hour, creeping down the road just to discover there was no accident, just rubberneckers.  Once I reached the office, coworkers knew not to speak to me for at least the first hour of the day.  My day could officially begin once I had my Coke or Mountain Dew.   Those days are long gone now that I’m a mom!  I have a whole new definition for the term “morning rush hour”. 

I’m thankful that most mornings when the babies wake up that my husband hasn’t left for work yet – so he can help me get everyone moving.  Today was one of those exceptions – this mommy was running the show solo. At the first sound of babies, it’s go time…hurry, hurry, hurry.  Both girls crying, wanting out of their cribs and starving, even Jack the cat and Penny the pup begging for food! All at once  How do you choose who goes first?  Don’t tell my girls, but typically whoever cries the loudest, gets rescued first! I’m getting better at juggling, but sometimes it’s tough when you’re still half asleep.  I start dishing out meals as fast as possible, at times it’s mass confusion.  Once I’ve got everyone settled in for the morning, I break away for my Mountain Dew fix, thankful that I’ve made it through the morning rush.  And before I know it, it’s time to start thinking about lunchtime!

As much as I don’t do mornings, it’s still the perfect way to wake up.  There’s nothing better than hearing Maggie talking to her stuffed animals and Molly cooing at her mobile.  How do you start your mornings?  What’s your one “must-have” in the morning? Coffee?  Caffeine? Or maybe it is crying babies? 

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  • Jessica

    Coffee, I cannot start my morning w/o a caffeine jolt. My son typically doesn't wake until after my husband leaves for work and I LOVE the quiet time, even if it is only a few minutes. When he does wake, there's nothing like hearing him say "Mama" in the happiest voice. Warms my heart! So I guess you can say, I cannot start my morning w/ coffee and seeing the excitement on my little guy's face when I rescue him from his crib.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I actually am a morning person…now. I know the exact day that my body and mind made that switch: Feb 16th, 2009 when my water broke at 7 am and I had twin boys by noon. Funny, husband can still sleep til 10 (if I let him.), but I'm up with the sun.
    As far as who goes first, yes, it does seem to be the louder child. But funny thing with mine…Henry ALWAYS wakes up first. So 99% of the time he goes first!

  • Lory

    COFFFEE!! Cute post. – Lory here from

  • Carrie with Children

    Melanie – Maybe you have one that's a morning person and one that's not. My Rob would sleep all day if I let him too. I usually send Maggie in to jump on him if he gets carried away sleeping! 🙂

    Jessica & Lory – Too funny that you are both coffee girls in the morning. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get into coffee, I just can't do it. I love the smell of it, but the taste – no thanks.

  • Kimi

    I am not a morning person either, but I am so lucky that Chuck is willing to take over that duty for me. He gets the girls their breakfast while I lie awake in bed for about 15 minutes trying to convince myself to get up. Then I immediately head for the coffee pot and have a cup while the girls finish their breakfast.

  • BusyMomiBee

    Enjoyed the post! I am not a morning person either. I wake to my youngest son calling me or my husbands name:) I am always runnig out the door in the morning and if I'm lucky I might get something to eat:)

  • Hungrigyrl

    No one speaks to me either before I have my morning coffee! I agree, breakfast with the babies is the best way to start the day! Looking forward to more posts!