Tell Me Your Tips: Clothes Shopping for Kids

by Carrie with Children with 6 comments

What is your definition of a cold morning?  Here, in Florida, we are wimps.  This morning when I woke up, it was a chilly 58.  I’m sure to some that is considered a heat wave, but that’s *cold* in my world. The first cold morning of the year always sneeks up on me and I never seem to be prepared when it comes to clothes.  Unfortunately, that means my girls aren’t ready for cold weather yet either.  

My Molly is lucky (or cursed, depending on your view) to have all of Maggie’s old clothes, so she’s all set for the chilly temps.  Maggie on the other hand, has zero clothes.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that I’m going to take Mags clothes shopping this morning and she’s going in sandals.  She’s the true definition of a Florida girl, I guess.  

I’m a Target snob when it comes to clothes, pretty much everything my girls wear comes from the big red dot.  Affordable and super cute. I look for clothes that are made well, but don’t cost a fortune. I don’t see any reason to spend too much money on clothes that they are going to grow out of soon.

I’d love for you to share your tips to clothes shopping for kids. Where do you buy clothes for your kiddos? Do you shop online? Or are you a planner who buys a year ahead when the season’s clothes go on clearance? What’s your secret?

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  • Jessica

    I am a faithful outlet shopper. Sometimes I purchase my son's clothing "off season" but that is fine with me if it's a good deal. I am usually able to sell his used designer outlet clothing on eBay afterward for more than I paid originally (no joke)!

  • Kimi

    I use Target or Old Navy whenever I need something right away, but I also like to plan ahead and hit the outlet mall a few times a year. We have an Osh Kosh outlet down here and that and Carter's are my 2 favorite stores! I do buy ahead and stash them away until they grow into them.

  • Jennifer @ The Thrifty Military Wife

    I also love shopping at Target, and I like Old Navy as well for my 3 year old daughter. Im with you on the 58 temp, thats cold! Im from Florida also, cant wait to go back! {In VA now since hubby is in the military} I do like thrift stores, you can find a lot of good things and sometimes with the tags on! If I find something super cheap that my daughter can wear the following year I always buy it. Target always has good clearance.

  • Hungrigyrl

    I also have a little one that scores all the hand me downs. My older son gets a lot of his clothes at Target, also Old Navy. Target is easy because its 2 minutes from my house, the prices are right (especially when things are on sale) and decent quality considering they grow out of them so quickly. When I see something super cheap I may even buy it in a bigger size as well (even though I know there are always sales).

  • Anonymous

    Holly and I went to Once Upon a Child to buy winter clothes for Leland. They are gently used clothes not expensive they don't wear them long enough to wear out. Normally though we do shop Target for his clothes.
    Pam Rodgers King

  • BusyMomiBee

    I like to buy clothes for my boys at The Children's Place. Usually I have coupons so I never really pay full price. I also keep clothes my oldest grows out of so at the beginning of each season I go "shopping" in my oldest son's closet. The Children's Place also has good resale value on EBay!