Travel Tuesday – Be Flexible

by Carrie with Children with 6 comments

This past weekend, we packed up the girls and headed out to the weekly Riverside Arts Market.  We try and get to the market at least twice a month.  We enjoy checking out the local art, the featured music performers…and of course the food!  We love supporting local farms and buying fresh fruits and veggies for the week.  However, this week we missed out on the produce – thanks to a certain two year old’s massive meltdown. 

Everything started out great, we checked out the artist’s area and made our way to the Riverwalk so Maggie could get out and play for a bit.  She loved checking out the sights and showing off her cool sunglasses.

Things were going so well….and that’s when it happened.  Only 15 minutes after our arrival, Maggie completely melted down.  There was screaming, flailing on the sidewalk and a lot of onlookers staring at us.  She had a tears and snot factory all over her cute, little face. (Sorry, I didn’t get any action shots.)  We tried to stick around and enjoy the festival, but it just wasn’t our day – or Maggie’s for that matter.  After about 20 minutes, we packed it up and made a fast break for the car. 

It wasn’t until later that night that we realized she had a blister on her foot.  Clearly, that was the reason for the massive scene…and truthfully, I don’t blame her! If I had a blister on my foot, I would have screamed a lot too!

I think the first rule you learn as a mom is to be flexible. We didn’t get our fresh, local produce – but, in the end, that didn’t matter.  All I wanted was for my little Tootie to be happy.  Sometimes you just have to cut the trip short.  We’ll try and get back to the market this Saturday, maybe everyone will be in a better mood!  The featured event for Halloween this week at the market is a ‘pumpkin’ chunkin’ contest.  Sounds fun!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has packed up their children in the midst of a tantrum and hurried for the exit.  It happens to everyone, right?


  • amv

    Well, yes, I have taken my son out of a couple of parties this summer. At one, he was convinced he should be able to start opening the gifts and when I would not let him, he pitched a fit. Not a fun scene, end of party for us. What else could you do? Well-rested, blister-free kids make outings much more pleasant for everyone. Better luck next time!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes it does happen to everyone, so no you are not the only one and you won't be the last to do it. I remember doing it in the middle of grocery stores just leaving that buggy in the middle of the aisle filled with food and stuff.
    Pam Rodgers King

  • Anonymous

    I've walked out numerous times in the middle of a melt down. It's about the only thing you really can do. It's better for those who are at the store/event/activity – and it also gets your baby out of the situation.

    I promise it gets better. They get through the tantrums and stop having them (at least like the ones they have before they can really talk well.)

    I'm enjoying the blog.
    Mary Kelli Palka

  • Jessica

    Poor thing, the blister makes sense. OMG yes, it happens to us all the time. I cannot stand public humiliation from my son's tantrums so if he even shows signs of melting down…we pack it up and go.

    One of the worst was at the Magic Kingdom, we had only been there for about an hour. I treated him to a smoothie and took a sip. You would have thought the world was coming to an end because I tried his drink. He screamed and flailed, people stopped to stare probably wondering if he was injured or something the way he was acting. So, I trashed the $5 smoothie and we strolled out of the theme park as he screamed the entire way.

    I love this stage (seeing his development and stuff) but man, it is tough too. These toddler tantrums I could do without.

  • Carrie with Children

    @amv – I think all kids try to open other's birthday gifts. Stinks the party time was cut short, but totally understand!

    @Pam – I love that you have left a full grocery cart in the middle of an aisle and left! LOL

    @MKP – Thank you SO much for stopping by. Means a lot to me that you are enjoying my blog!

    @Jessica – You are so right. This age is fun because everything is "new" to them.. but wow, the tantrums stink! And to think I'm just on the beginning side of the terrible two's!

  • Kara @ His, Hers and Ours

    This happened Sunday at the Pumpkin Patch with my 2 year old. It was way past nap time, hot, and the bounce house she wanted on had kids way too big for her to be on there too.

    I drug her out of there kicking, screaming, huge tears and snot all over the place. I also took pictures! (So glad to see you did too!)

    You're so not alone on the tantrums.

    And hi from a North Florida girl too. Gainesville here! 🙂