Wordless Wednesday – New Toy?

by Carrie with Children with 6 comments


  • Guiding Light

    Ha! Love it!


    One of the cutest pictures I have of my son
    ( who will be 40 in December ) is of him inside
    a Pampers box! This brought back sweet memories.

  • mamabearscubhouse

    okay, when i bought diapers, i never got anything so cute! what store do ya shop?


  • LeeAnn

    So cute! My kids LOVE boxes. My husband keeps saying not to buy any more toys and just give them the boxes.

    Thanks for linking up today! I'm following your blog now. Have a great night.

  • Carrie with Children

    Thanks ladies for the wonderful comments! My Maggie loves playing in boxes and an empty laundry basket the most – go figure!

  • GrammyMouseTails

    Sometimes the simplest things make the best toys! and the child is using their imagination, a Win-Win!! She is a cutie! ~hugs, Faythe @GMT