Sesame Street & Will.i.Am – Maggie’s New Favorite Song

by Carrie with Children with 4 comments

Each time this song comes on Sesame Street, Maggie jumps up and starts dancing and clapping. Yes, mommy and daddy usually join her too. It features from the Black Eyed Peas and and a ton of Sesame Street characters.

It’s a fun song with an extremely positive message – and it’s the perfect jam for a Friday afternoon. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to dance!


  • Anonymous


    Pam Rodgers King

  • Mama M.

    THAT was awesome!!! Who knew was a Sesame Street kinda guy??? Think they have this on iTunes? Going to check, right now!!!

    Thanks for "inviting" me over!! 😉

  • life in a pink fibro

    One of my absolute favourite things about watching Sesame Street is spotting the faces that pop up on the Street. It's a brilliant show. NO wonder it's been around so long.