Tell Me Your Tips: Saving Money While Christmas Shopping

by Carrie with Children with 5 comments

I can’t believe I’m about to type these words, but….it’s almost time for Christmas! It seems to sneak up on me every year.   Each holiday season, I try and find the best deals, all while making sure I buy the “perfect” gift for each of my loved ones.  This week, kicks off my Christmas shopping and I’m always looking for better ways to save. But then again, aren’t we all?

Here are a few things I do to tackle my Christmas shopping list:

  • Make a list – I’m a list maker!  Before I start shopping, I make a list of everyone on my “gift list”. Next to each person’s name are ideas of possible presents. I’m a visual person, so it helps for me to see it all written down in front of me.  It also allows me to see how I’m doing at staying close to my budget.
  • Sign up for deal alerts – Using my master list, I cruise the internet daily for “one day only deals” – it’s amazing the bargains you can find! My personal favorite – Amazon Gold Box deals!  I scooped up some major steals there last year! I found a toy for Maggie that was 50% off the store price! I’m also a fan of Target’s Daily Deals.  Be sure and sign up for their deal alerts!
  • Compare! Compare! Compare!Call me crazy, but I never buy a present at the first place I see it (except for daily deals).  The Internet is a shopper’s best friend when looking for the lowest prices.  When I find an item I want to buy, I Google it to find other site’s prices – I can usually find a better deal elsewhere. Although, buyer beware when it comes to the shipping/handling charges! Sometimes shipping fees can make or break a deal for me.  Any site that offers free shipping is always a plus!

Let’s help each other save money this upcoming holiday season, share your money saving secrets! What do you do to save money during the holidays? Do you brave the mobs and hit the sales on Black Friday? Shop online? I look forward to hearing how you save while shopping!


  • Anonymous


    You may want to sign up for the Groupon, Daily Deal, Mint Magazie and other 50% off deals. Many are for dining out, but there are some gift suitable ideas. Today you can get a discount on Peterbrook Chocolate on one of them.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more tips. It's definitely a tough year this year economically. We're having to save all the money we can. (We also try to grab things when they're on sale earlier in the year. So we already have some gifts.)

    Mary Kelli Palka

  • Carrie with Children

    Great idea, MKP! I get the Groupon alerts, but need to look into the others! Why haven't I ever thought about using them as Christmas gift?!

  • Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood

    I'm a list maker too 🙂

    I start January 1 of every year. I buy all year when I see a great price! If I'm looking for clothes, I shop at the end of every season and get everything on super sale! Which means, by the time Christmas actually rolls around, I'm almost done 🙂 I usually have a last minute photo album to make and a last minute gift to buy when one of my kids (or my husband) decides there's a must-have toy that I didn't already purchase. I also use swagbucks and get gift certificates throughout the year to give as gifts.

    Also, right after Christmas I stock up on next years wrapping paper, bows, boxes, tissue paper, etc for 50-75% off the original price.

  • Anonymous

    Put it on layaway on at kmart. Boom. Problem solved. In line as we speak.

  • Coupon Teacher

    Great tips! Thank you for linking up!