Caution – This Is A Whining Mommy Post

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It never fails that each time Daddy leaves town for a business trip, the catastrophes begin.  (Maybe catastrophe isn’t an appropriate word – but in my mind, that’s what they are.)  We are currently at the halfway point of his week-long trip and I’m counting down the minutes until he returns.  The last few days have been filled with adventures, both good and bad.  Here are a few highlights –

  • Penny the pup ate some Melissa & Doug play food..particularly the bananas
  • Maggie has discovered it’s more fun to be naked than wear a diaper
  • Molly napped for 20 minutes total all day yesterday
  • Maggie figured out how to climb over the baby gates 
  • I realized I was two months late renewing my car registration (oops!) 
  • The cat puked all over my bed
  •  And to top it off, Maggie busted her lip open at the playground this morning

And because I’m trying to stay positive, here are a few good things about the last few days –

  • We saw the circus elephants this past week 
  • I found an awesome $38 NFL Jaguars sweatshirt on clearance for $7 (it’s the little things in life, peeps)
  • The girls met some of my favorite, local Twitter peeps
  • My mother-in-law stopped by to visit and brought me Chinese food (yum!) 
  • I won $25 in a One2One campaign and a $25 certificate for Little Sprout Creations, thanks to Active WoMOM
  • Molly had another awesome physical therapy session (yay!)
  • My niece, Allison, turned six years old on Wednesday and had an awesome birthday party this morning

Wanna know the very best part about the last few days?  We are one day closer to Daddy coming home!  Yay!  (Thanks for letting me whine!)

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  • Ado

    Dropping in from Twitter. Whine away, it’s Mother’s Day! On the baby gate front, I feel for you. It’s a whole new frontier out there – good luck! (-: