Ringling Bros. Elephant “It’s Electric” Slide Party

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It’s opening night of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus in Jacksonville!  Long story, made short – we didn’t make it tonight as we had planned.  Bummer. (Looking for a discount? Check out this previous post!)  But…the good news is we were invited to attend this morning’s Elephant “It’s Electric” Slide Party! The circus ringleader, clowns and dancers had party-goers up playing and dancing!  

There was a barrier between the kids and elephants – promise! You just can’t see it in this picture!

It was really neat to see circus members interacting with the kids!  I guess Maggie is still too young to actually “get” it because she was more interested in her juicebox and crayon party favors.  My nieces also joined us for the party and while the girls (Maggie included) were a little scared of the clowns – the real excitement came when the three HUGE elephants joined the party! And yes, I’ll admit – I was excited too! 

I couldn’t get over the size of the elephants!  I loved that as soon as Maggie saw them, she started yelling “Oh hi elephants – how are you?” and waving at them.  So silly

While, I’m sad we missed out on tonight’s circus – I am excited that we were able to participate in today’s party.  It was a great adventure and I’m already looking forward to next year…and maybe if I’m lucky, Maggie will enjoy more than just her juicebox!

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  • Ellie's Mom

    Mothers are naturally compassionate people and babies really teach us the meaning of empathy. So when I see innocent babies being abused, I just naturally jump to their defense. So when I saw dozens of photos of baby elephants being tortured trained by Ringling Bros trainers at their Center for Elephant Conservation, I have to speak up. The circus has always told us they offer wholesome family entertainment, they never mentioned that they take all their 2 year old baby elephants and the abusive training begins and last the rest of their performing life. Elephants’ mirror the human species especially in emotions, life span, compassion, depression, they even shed tears. You’re a mother you have to know in your heart it is wrong to ignore this animal abuse so your families can have circus memories. When I look back on my own childhood circus memories I realize they were only illusions, now I know the elephants we loved so much are beaten and abused just to entertain us.

  • amber whitehead

    New follower from follow me chickadee. Would love a follow back .

    The elephant it’s electric slide party looks like fun. I wanted to make this circus myself but we did not.