Favorite Friday Video – Signing Time “Diaper Dance”

by Carrie with Children with 5 comments

Rachel from Signing Time is a favorite at our house!   Both girls love watching her videos! In fact, they usually cry when the DVD is over and I usually end up letting them watch it again!

This song always gets stuck in my head, it’s catchy and fun.  It also cracks me up that the little frog’s name is Hopkins.  Too cute!


  • Lisa

    We LOVE Signing Time! In fact, my daughter has watched the DVDs so many times, several of them don’t play anymore! Super catchy songs that yes…get stuck in your head for days. I credit ST for teaching my daughter to sign so well. 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      They are such catchy tunes! I find myself singing “Mom has a mom..and she’s my grandma” all the time! 🙂 My oldest daughter Maggie is starting to catch on to some of the signs – it’s fun to watch her learn!

  • KellyS

    ok, that was funny!! We have a set of Signing Times VHS tapes that are worn to the core! Our kids are big fans.

    • Carrie with Children

      We’ve only gotten into the Baby Signing Times videos so far..I’m sure once my girls get a little older we will start going through all the videos! They are so fun!

  • marcy

    how cute!