Wordless Wednesday *Linky* – In the Doghouse

by Carrie with Children with 40 comments


  • Casy Schweickart

    Too cute!

  • Lolo

    Lol. Why is she in the dog house?

    • Carrie with Children

      Omg! She climbed in there all own her own doing! It was like her own little fort! The dog even crawled in with her for awhile. They were just hanging out! 🙂

  • LeeAnn

    LOL! So cute! And yeah, why is she in the doghouse? I can’t believe that little cutie would ever do anything to deserve that. 😉

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh LeeAnn – She’s an angel most of the time! 🙂 She climbed in the doghouse all on her own! She had so much fun in there! LOL!

  • Louise

    Kids love little areas to hide in

    • Carrie with Children

      My Maggie definitely loves hiding in silly spots! She’s loving the doghouse lately! 🙂

  • Comedy Plus

    And loving it too. How adorable.

    Have a terrific WW. 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you! 🙂 She’s a silly one! I appreciate you linking up!

  • Melissa

    Aw, Maggie! :-p

  • Joules

    New time out room? lol

  • Mimi

    That is so funny!! Wonder if she knew something you didn’t. *grin*

    • Carrie with Children

      Haha! I was kinda wondering the same thing after I took this picture! 🙂

  • Stacie L

    LOL!! So funny!! Love it!! Following your blog! Hope you will come visit me!! Thanks for the linky!

  • Jessica

    That looks like a place my little one would like to play also.

    Very cute!

  • Sukhmandir Kaur

    So precious her expression reminds me of my granddaughter. Must be the age 🙂

  • Simply Delicious

    How cute!

  • Andrea

    Hahaha this is great! She’s in the doghouse, but look at that precious little innocent face. Too cute!

  • Fiona @banteringblonde

    So fun… perfect place to “chill” 😉

  • Mommying On The Fly

    Toooo adorable

  • Owen's Mom

    Looks like the perfect place to collect one’s thoughts! Very cute.

  • alicia

    Too funny. happy WW!

  • mizhelle

    ahahah how cute! what was she doing there?

  • ConnieFoggles

    You just never know what they’re going to do next!

  • Michelle

    I’m guess she likes to be in the doghouse? Too cute!

  • One Rich Mother

    awww so cute! and what a great idea for a doghouse as well. : )

  • PippaD

    So adorable!

  • Gina

    LOL – too funny!

  • Russ aka Grampy

    Why do the little ones like to crawl into places like that? It must make them feel safe in some way. Or just plain fooling around. In any case it was very cute.

  • La-La's Home Daycare

    That’s too cute!

  • A Mommy in the City

    She is absolutely adorable!!!

  • RoryBore

    hilarious. mine are obsessed with my broom closet. I can’t believe all 3 of them squeeze in there when we play hide and seek. Course, all the brooms, mops and dustpans scattered on the floor outside is kind of a giveaway. LOL

  • Molly

    Hey, looks like a great hiding place to me!

  • Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

    such a cute picture!

  • Miranda

    Very precious. Made my day :).

  • tracy

    super cuteness! when i was little, my mum worked at a furniture factory and she used to occassionally bring home these huge furniture boxes for me. i LOVED making forts in them. i would play in them and decorate them for days. adding windows and curtains.. all sorts of fun stuff. in fact… i wouldn’t mind making a fort now.. and i’m nearly 34 years old. haha. i wonder if there’s room for me in my dogs’ house. 😉

  • Lorie Shewbridge

    That is just too darned adorable. I love the fact that you said the dog climbed in there with her and they were hanging out. Doggies are the best friends.