Travel Tuesday: Allstate Good Hands Roadside Assistance

by Carrie with Children with 18 comments

The girls and I are hitting the highway in mid-August for a road trip to see our relatives in Alabama.   It’s a “girls only” trip since Daddy has to stay home and work.  I’m excited about the trip, but definitely a little nervous about the six hour drive with a baby and a toddler!  (What am I thinking?!)

I’ll feel much easier about the drive thanks to Allstate’s Good Hands Roadside Assistance program.  This new service provides 24/7 assistance in case of emergency.  How’s that for comfort while cruising the Interstates?  Here’s some details on this latest service.

  • You do not need to have Allstate insurance to use this service
  • Only pay when you use it, there are no monthly fees
  • Pre-registering for Good Hands Roadside Assistance provides faster service at time of need on the road
  • Those that pre-register also receive a welcome kit containing a wallet card, key fob and window cling with the phone number for roadside help
  • Register up to 5 users on your account

Interested in signing up for the program?  Register below to receive your welcome kit and take advantage of the service when *you* need it! It’s free to join!


I’ve got a long “must do” list before we leave next month on our road trip.  Safety is important to me, along with making sure everyone is comfortable during the trip!  Some of the things on my list include –

  • An oil change is tops on my list – I’ll be close to needing a
  • Check my tire pressure.  My back wheels always seem to be less than normal!
  • Replace the windshield wiper blades.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a rainstorm.
  • Check that the carseats are strapped in correctly.
  • Make sure I pack our “Finding Nemo” DVD – Maggie’s “go to” movie for road trips. (She loves Dorie!)
  • Plenty of snacks (for the girls and me!)

Hopefully, the girls won’t get too antsy during our trip and we’ll get there with no problems.  It’s a great feeling to know that if something does happen – we’ve got Allstate’s Good Hands Roadside Assistance there to help us!

What type of things do you do to prepare for a long road trip?  Any safety precautions?  Or maybe double checking to make sure you packed your kids favorite DVDs?


** This is a sponsored post, courtesy of AllState.  The thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own and not influenced by others. **


  • Glenda Cates

    This is such a neat concept and since my husband works out of town a lot of the time I am going to go and register for it now. Thanks, for sharing.

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Glenda – That’s great you’re going to register! Hope the service is beneficial for you!

  • Melissa

    What a great idea! With all of the road trips we do, I need to take advantage of this program!

    I need to write a post on the importance of checking your tires…once on a trip to Disney, our tires just BLEW!

    • Carrie with Children

      Yikes! That sounds scary! Better sign up just in case you need their help!

  • Diane

    I think it is SO important to have roadside assistance support from a program like this! You really have no idea what could happen out there!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for reading Diane! I agree – you never know what might happen on the roads!

  • Rebecca E. Parsons

    great info to know Carrie…have a safe trip!!!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you, Rebecca! Hopefully the girls won’t get to restlesss during the long drive!

  • Amanda @ Confessions From HouseholdSix

    That’s a great concept, but most other insurance companies already offer this to their policy holders. It’s called towing and labor, and it generally costs about $2-$4 per vehicle every 6mos. I ALWAYS recommend people have T&L and rental coverage on auto policies.

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks Amanda! Quality insurance is so important!

  • Dawn Camp

    We’ve been with Allstate for years. What a great service!

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Dawn – I’ve been with Allstate since I got my driver’s license at 16! They are great!

  • Ellen Christian

    What a neat idea! I travel a lot here in rural Vermont and there isn’t always somewhere to get help. Glad to know this exists.

  • Michelle Kay

    Thanks Carrie for the great information. I didn’t even know this service existed. I am also going on a trip without my husband and taking my kids who are 14 and 9. Safe travels to your family and thanks for reminding me to check my tire pressure!!

    • Carrie with Children

      I think this type of service is great for moms going solo on road trips! Safe travels to you! Thanks for reading!

  • Mimi

    This is something I’ve been looking into. I think it would be awesome for kids heading off to college! My daughter has roadside assistance and it’s come in SO handy! It’s hard when they’re so far away and we can’t help them out. Makes me feel a bit more secure.

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh Mimi, that is so true! I wish there was a service around like this when I was in college! It would have come in very handy for me back then!