How Do you Define Technology? #WindowsChampions

by Carrie with Children with 8 comments

Technology is a part of my everyday life and with a slight (some would say major) addiction to social media, my PC is my window to the world.   As part of the Windows Champions program, I was recently asked to define technology, computer and Windows.  I spent the weekend thinking it over and  it’s not as  easy to define as I thought it would be.  Here’s what I think….


Technology means connectivity.  It’s what keeps me connected and “in the know” of everything taking place around me.

A computer is the lifeline.  It’s the “brains” behind the technology.  I depend on this lifeline as a resource to be powerful and accessible.

Windows is my gate keeper. It keeps me running, organized and efficient.

So, I’ve shared my definitions with you, now it’s your turn!  Tell me your answers…. –

  • What is technology?
  • What is a computer?
  • What is Windows?

Stay tuned to the Windows Experience blog later this week as they kick off a special  “How Stuff Works” video series where they ask others to answer simple questions about technology.    You never know, your comment might be shared on the Windows Experience site!


**I am a member of the Windows Champions blogger program. As part of this arrangement, I have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for the course of year and have the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products. I’m also excited to share information with you.**


  • Michelle Kay

    Technology is an absolute must! Today everything moves much faster and since nobody’s figured out how to make more TIME, technology helps me make the most of mine.

    A computer is my little minion. I use it for work, pleasure and practically everything else. I never give it a day off, and when it dies I just get a new one.

    Windows is my boyfriend. Soon it will be my fiance. I love windows so much I would marry it. No Joke.

  • Ellen Christian

    I don’t consider myself to be a tech savvy person; however, I rely on technology every day in more ways than I can imagine at both work and home. I may not understand it but I still value it. Windows is the one tool that brings all this technology together into a package that I feel comfortable working with.

  • MusingsfromMe/Jill

    What is technology? Technology helps me live an easier life, but I fear technology as well. I get sweaty palmed reading an instruction manual. I need a phone or other device that is very user-friendly.

    What is a computer? A computer is my lifeline for my work, my children’s school, my out-of-town family, and my daily everyday life. Without a computer, I would get by. I would handwrite everything…but my writing is quite untidy. I would keep boxes of photos that I would never be able to collate, size, and organize. I would probably have to use the phone to find a pizza delivery place, locate a music class, or search for a plumber. I would get by, but with a computer I can do so much more.

    What is Windows? I’m old enough to remember the dreaded MS-DOS. I can’t tell you the number of times I spent precious minutes entering a string of code only to find that one code…one single letter or number…was incorrect. The blue screen of death is what I remember most about DOS. Windows allows for more point and click. Much more user friendly. Oh and back in the days of MS-DOS there was no need for a mouse as the only way to navigate your way through the computer was via keystrokes. I. Don’t. Miss. DOS!

  • Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Photography Blog

    What is technology?
    Technology is a step forward and a way to bring what’s far away closer. When I think of technology, I think that one of my best friends lives across the country and we’ve never met in person. My mentor lives on the other side of the globe. Technology has opened the world to me!

    What is a computer?
    My computer is my business. It’s my office, my desk, my phone, and my voice. I use my computer for blogging and photography. It’s a fantastic tool that is allowing me to realize my dream.

    What is Windows?
    Windows is my office suite. I know people complain complain complain about Windows, but I love the programs and I’m excited to be able easily navigate through the programs to write blog posts, save and organize my photography, write eBooks, and create and udpate my media kits.

  • Christy @ Insanity Is Not An Option

    Technology is a MUST in today’s society. Our kids are so enriched to be growing up in such an advanced day and age! Without technology, I would not be able to work from home and raise my children all at the same time!

    My computer is my sole means of income. It is my friend! It allows me to communicate with my friends, stay at home with my children, and blog for bucks!

    Windows is exactly as the name states. It is MY personal Window to the World. I stay at home with my little ones and my “outside world” communication would be little to nothing without my Window! But with this, my communication possibilities are endless!

  • MusingsfromMe/Jill

    Your post inspired me to elaborate on what technology has meant to me over the years.

  • Glenda @ Busy-at-home

    Technology allows me to be at home, homeschool my children and still contribute to our family’s income. It allows me to do something I love – write AND it keeps me connected to friends and family. Technology means I don’t have to leave my home to shop. Technology means I can sit in my favorite chair upstairs and still be connected to the Internet while sending documents to my printer downstairs. Technology means my work is completed more quickly, so I have more time with my family. It also means that the resources and information I need to complete my work are right at my fingertips, even if I’m in the car, out for a run or at the grocery store.