My Princess Wants to Be A Princess This Halloween!

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This past weekend, we went shopping for Maggie’s Halloween costume!  I’m *so* not a girl-y girl, so we Maggie told us she wanted to be a princess for Halloween, I have to admit….I cringed a little bit. I was kind of hoping we could just reuse the garden gnome costume from last year.

Once we got to the store and I saw how excited she was about being a princess, I kinda warmed up to the idea. She picked this costume out all by herself.

She was so sure this was “the” costume, that she threw it right in the cart.  Next up, she told us needed a princess wand and a crown.   I was so excited to find a wand and crown in the party supplies section at Target for $3 total.  What a bargain!








We decided that since Maggie was going to be a princess, we’d let baby Molly dress up as a Tinker Bell.    I’ve gotta admit though, part of me really wanted to dress her up in this ice cream cone costume.   Isn’t it just too cute?   I love it, but in the end…Tinker Bell was the winner.

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s upcoming Halloween festivities!  My little princess is so excited to dress up in her new costume and grant wishes to everyone with her new princess wand!

What is your little one dressing up as this Halloween?


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  • Cassie

    Chloe is going to be Ariel and Caelyn will be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I need to snap a picture of Caelyn because when she is in the full get up, she looks so much like Alice since she has that white blonde hair!

    • Carrie with Children

      I can’t wait to see pictures! Maggie loves Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid 🙂

  • Elissa Plastino

    So cute! I have a little witch & a Minnie Mouse this year!

    • Carrie with Children

      Cute! I tried talking Maggie into being Minnie Mouse, but she had her heart set on a princess!

  • Michelle

    We have Minnie, Dash and to-be-determined (Brayden is still searching for his). I wanted Ian to be the garden gnome last year with our neighbor’s little girl but he told us it was “incredibly ugly”. Can’t wait to see the princess and tinker bell! The ice cream cone is adorable though!

    • Carrie with Children

      Sounds like it’s going to be a last minute decision for your Brayden! That would have been so cute to have a girl and boy garden gnome!

  • Melissa

    I can’t wait to see pictures of them. Hayden is still debating between a pirate and Darth Vader. I’m cheering for the pirate because I don’t want to deal with the mask!

    • Carrie with Children

      I can’t wait to see pictures of Hayden! Even though you are cheering for the pirate, I’m cheering for Darth Vader. That would make for some hilarious pictures!

  • Amanda Austin

    Our LO is going to be a Zebra…we got his outfit at a consignment store this summer and it’s fleece…and as you know — fleece in late October in Florida is a crap shoot 😉 I’m hoping for cool weather!! I love the ice cream cone, and of course the princess outfit!

  • Melissa

    Aw! Too cute!