Good Deeds: Delivering Meals to New Moms

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

Remember how overwhelming life was when you came home from the hospital with your new baby?  I was terrified….and hungry and too tired to cook something.  That’s where the help of friends came in!  I was so thankful to have a few friends bring over meals while we adjusted to life with a new baby!

My Maggie - Two Weeks Old

So, this past week when our friends welcomed the arrival of identical twin girls (they are super cute!), I knew I needed to do something special for them.  So….I got to work and cooked up a big pan of lasagna for them, along with a tasty salad and brownies!  Perfect comfort food!

It felt good to do something for a friend and they appreciated having a home-cooked meal too.  Not having to worry about cooking dinner allowed them to spend time with their precious babies….. or take a quick nap!  Plus, I even had enough ingredients to make us a small pan of lasagna too!   Everybody wins!

What are some of your favorite dishes to cook and deliver to new moms?

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  • Cam Brown

    I love to take chicken and rice.

    When I had my last baby, someone from my church group brought over dinner every night for a week. It was truly the most marvelous of gifts.

  • Carrie with Children

    Oh chicken and rice is a great idea! I’ll have to add that to my rotation!

    What great church friends – dinner every night sounds amazing!