Favorite Friday Video: Officer Cupcake #WindowsChampions

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Yesterday, I spent some time checking out the site TheBrowserYouLovedToHate.com – a fantastic site made by Microsoft Windows introducing consumers to the new Internet Explorer 9.  The site pokes fun at the fact that there are so many people out there who don’t like Internet Explorer.  The new IE 9 is changing the way people think about browsers!

The site is really fun, interactive and has a lot of pinnable stuff on it.  I thought this video was pretty funny.   Who doesn’t love to see cats dressed up in silly outfits?  Ha!


Be sure and check out TheBrowserYouLovedToHate.com   I think you’ll find that it’s pretty entertaining.. and if you’re interested, you can download Internet Explorer directly from the site!


**I am a member of the Windows Champions blogger program. As part of this arrangement, I have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for the course of year and have the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products. I’m also excited to share information with you.**