Traveling with Children? Top 5 Tips to Survive the Journey

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This summer, Cottonelle has teamed up with travel expert Kendra Thornton to help make your transition between home life and vacation life a little easier. As a travel expert on television stations across the country, Kendra offer tips and deals to millions of people every year.

Today, Kendra wants to make traveling with children a little easier.  Check out her great tips for surviving a trip with kids….

Planning to travel with your family anytime soon? As a seasoned traveler, I know how tough it can be to get prepared for a trip. Not to mention planning a trip with children. Having two children of my own, I have come to learn some good ways to keep them happy and occupied during our vacations and get through all the hassle of airports or long hours on the road. Check out some of my tips below!

 Traveling with Children?

Top 5 Tips to help you survive the journey:

  •  Pack Light: Packing light will help travelers avoid common airline baggage fees. Have your children put an outfit or two and any games in their own carry-on to save space in their suitcases for larger items like shoes. Any type of portable DVD player or tablet travels well since its light, compact, and will keep the kids occupied for a long journey!


  • Think Small: Going through airport security is no easy feat these days. Make sure to stock up on travel-size necessities like toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo. Make sure they’re 3.4 ounces or less.  Since you’re allowed only one quart-size bag, pick the things you absolutely can’t go without.  I also love the travel-size Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes.  They’re great for staying fresh and clean on the go and my kids love them.


  • Beat the Clock: Always give yourself the gift of time when you travel with children. Factor in a little extra time when heading out the door and leave fifteen minutes earlier than you think you need to.  If security lines are long at the airport or you hit traffic on the road, you won’t have to fret about timing.


  • Carry Snacks: Now that free food no longer exists on airplanes and many flights under 3 hours don’t offer meals for purchase which can be a long time for kids, it’s important to anticipate delays and come prepared with food to munch on. Those traveling by car should also be ready in case of unexpected traffic with no exit in sight. We all know that a good snack goes a long way when traveling with little ones! I like the healthy, portioned size snacks that you can store in a carry-on or in the car.


  • Prepare to be Organized: Most people aren’t thinking about the trip home when they’re packing to leave, but bringing extra plastic or reusable bags with you in your suitcase can go a long way for your journey home. Extra bags can help you separate clean and dirty clothes in a suitcase or to keep toiletries contained and can easily by stowed in luggage or the car glove box.


  • Try to get a window seat: Sitting your children by a window so they can watch all the fun outside and teach them about every step of the flight experience (taxi, take-off, cruising altitude, how planes are able to fly, the landing). On the flight, bring activities such as portable DVD players, smart phones, MadLibs or coloring books to keep them busy.

 What are your tips for traveling with children? 

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  • cheri

    Thanks for all the great tips! We do a lot of our traveling by car to make it easier for the kids to get out and stretch a little every couple of hours. The kids also have their DS games that they play all the time, and I let them use my iPad. With the iPad, the kids can play games, read, and watch movies on our Blockbuster@Home service. A co-worker at Dish told me about this service, so I downloaded the Dish Remote Access app and the kids can access our Blockbuster streaming. They have several family movies on there, so the kids never get bored with the movies and they can always find something to watch. It is such a lifesaver when you are traveling for hours.