What I Saw This Weekend – Soccer Lessons

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

Maggie is at the age where she can participate in sports!  Hubby and I are huge sports fans, so our girls have grown up watching SportsCenter and whatever game happens to be on television.

Maggie got a soccer ball for Christmas, she’s been talking about wanting to play a lot lately.  So, this weekend… we found a soccer net and Daddy gave her some lessons.  She was in heaven!

She had a great time practicing dribbling the ball with her feet and it took quite a bit of time to get her to realize that you can’t use your hands!   Practically impossible for a toddler!

I’m not sure if we’ll sign her up this season or wait a little longer, but she’s definitely interested in it!  Thankfully, we had great weather this past weekend too.  Shorts in January – craziness!

I’m excited for us to keep practicing and playing outside.  I guess we should start looking into where we can sign her up to play!  And teach her that she also can’t touch the net!

How old were your kids when they started playing sports?  Any tips? 


  • Nichol

    Zoe tried dance at 3 and soccer last summer (4). She just wasn’t ready though. I have no tips. If she is expressing interest to play, talk to her! Sign her up and see how it goes.

  • Jennifer

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