My Presidents Day Miracle, Kind Of…

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

The girls were out of school yesterday, so it was a three-day weekend for us. With no plans, we spent most of our time at the neighborhood playground and playing in the front yard. The weather could not have been more perfect – low 70’s and sunny. Ah, February in Florida.

As we wrapped our afternoon, I decided to go get my camera, the a Sony NEX5r (affiliate link)- just for fun. I’m still trying to figure out some of the fancier settings, so I figured I could get some practice in. However, all that changed when Maggie asked if I would take a picture of her with her sister. And after about 25 tries, this happened….

Maggie and Molly McLaren February 2014
Both girls were looking at the camera, no food/dirt/snot, etc on their faces – they were smiling! Genuine smiles and excited to have their picture taken together. I just really wished I had video to go along with it. Molly was yelling “cheeeee” the entire time we had our impromptu photo session.

Just when I thought our quiet weekend at home was a total loss, this moment happened and thankfully, I had my camera right there to grab it. This picture will now be known as my Presidents Day miracle.


  • Beth Hill

    Priceless! I do not think I have ANY pictures of my 2 boys even standing remotely close to each other, let alone have a clean face and smile! Even though they are now teenagers, it still doesn’t happen! Your picture is priceless!

  • VegThisWay

    What a great photo of Maggie and Molly! So glad you were able to enjoy a fun family day in the sun. We at VegThisWay are located in California so we have been spoiled with great weather too!