Seven Years Ago…

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

Seven years ago today, I married an amazing man that put up with my crazy ideas, my spur of the moment adventures and never minded when I tended to get too loud at football games.

Even though my name change was only two letters different than my maiden name, it was really so much more than a new last name.

Wedding Anniversary Seven Years
We made a commitment to one another on April 14, 2007. A commitment to love eachother, provide, nuture and laugh with one another for a lifetime.

And now that we are parents to Maggie and Molly, that commitment has carried over to include them too. Being a wife is a role I take seriously and I couldn’t be more proud to be his partner in this amazing life we are sharing together.

As I tell him each day – you could have picked anyone in the world to be your wife, I’m so thankful you picked me.

Happy anniversary, Rob. I love you!


  • Hanan

    I’d totally pick you too!! 😉 Happy Anniversary!!

    P.S. Love your wedding dress!!

  • Willie McLaren

    As his mother, I am also grateful the he found you and YOU put up with HIM! You are both such great parents and I see the love between the two of you everytime I’m with you. Thank you for loving him, being a great mom and wife, and for letting me a part of your wonderful life. Congratulations on your anniversary. This is only the beginning.