5 Ways to Beat the Family Morning Rush #ad

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The life of a mom. It is a never ending cycle that just seems to repeat itself each day from daybreak to sunset. Laundry, shuttle service, meals, referee – the list goes on and on. And you know what? I cherish every minute of it.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not always on the lookout for time-savers and ways to make life go a little smoother around my house. Organization and planning ahead are my two ‘musts’ for getting everyone out the door and off to school on-time in the mornings. Here are my tips for an easy morning –

Maggie and Molly McLaren - DSAM2014

Time-Saving Tips for The Morning Rush

** Everyone’s clothes are laid out each night before bedtime, even my own. There’s no debate on what to wear each day. I even put out the shoes.

**  Put together lunch the night before, just grab a few items from the fridge in the morning for a complete lunch.

** No television time in the mornings. Little ones tend to get sidetracked – as do moms, myself included.

**  Afternoon snacks are packed and ready for the after-school pickup. I prefer snacks that stay fresh during the day – our current ‘go to’ is Honey Maid Go Bites (hello chocolate)!

** Always save time for a picture. They are growing up so quickly and changing each day as they grow up. Those daily pictures get me through the days.

Honey Maid GO Bites
I’m not a morning person, but every minute counts in the mornings. I’m always looking for a few quality minutes at the breakfast table before everyone goes their separate ways. A little small talk about what everyone has planned for the day means a lot to me. It makes our wholesome family complete as we start the day.

No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid: everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is Wholesome.

As we continue the second half of the school year, I’m excited to continue watching my girls learn and have fun at school. I’ll cherish the busy mornings but I can’t wait for those precious, wholesome moments spent with my family this summer!

 What are your tips for saving time in the mornings?


** Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Mondelez via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Mondelez. **


  • Rebecca Parsons

    for me preparing the night before always seemed to make my morning less stressful.